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Mr. Laz
10-13-2004, 10:34 AM
Posted on Wed, Oct. 13, 2004

Vermeil verbatim

Comments from Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil's weekly news conference:

• On the Jacksonville Jaguars: “We've got a great deal of respect for Jacksonville. Why shouldn't we? They've won three games, beaten two (2003) playoff teams within those three wins, both very strong wins. When they've won, they've given up very, very few points.”

• On winning the turnover battle: “We were plus-eight (after four games last year) and this time we're plus-two. We're off a little bit in giveaway-takeaway but it's better to be plus than minus, believe me. I think that will gradually change as we keep playing smart. We had the opportunity to recover seven fumbles and only recovered one of them. The odds should sooner or later start going in our favor.”

• On the defense: “We're number two in the NFL in first down efficiency defense. We're number one in opponents' average yards to go on second down. We're number one in forcing third and 6-plus situations. What we're not doing a good job of defensively is once we get 'em in third-and-6 plus we're not doing a good job in defensing that situation.”

• On the “second quarter” of the season: “By only winning one game I think we've left ourselves very little room for error. As I told the team yesterday, if we're going to end up being one of the seven teams that have gone from 1-3 into the playoffs and to a Super Bowl or AFC Championship game, then we're going to have to play like the team that played last Monday night consistently starting in Jacksonville. We won't be able to take a weekend off. If we're going to get beat we're going to have to get beat playing our best football against a very good football team.”

• On the rash of injuries in the NFL this season: “I do believe this: the guys are bigger, faster, stronger and hit each other harder and we keep demanding that they do that as coaches. Younger players having watched all the great hits on television over and over again, heck, you can go to a Pop Warner game right now and watch kids hit each other and it will shock you. The game has swelled and grown into a violent, violent game.”

— Ivan Carter/The Star