View Full Version : A New Government's Moral Authority

10-15-2004, 09:11 AM
Consider the following situation.

A fugitive has a gigantic price on his head, more than 1000 times the annual average income of the people in a town.

The town has a new national government. That government claims that the fugitive lives in the town.

The government threatens to start blowing up the town unless the people in the town "turn over" the fugitive who is supposedly there (according to the government) and on whom there has been a gigantic bounty for months. The government will use the government of another country to assist it in the destruction of the property and lives of some of the town's citizens.

If you lived in that town, how much moral authority would your new national government have in your mind once it started blowing up stuff? What factors would have to be in place to cause you to give it a higher or lower assessment?