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10-15-2004, 01:42 PM
Q&A with Dick Vermeil
Oct 15, 2004, 2:09:18 PM

Q: Who’s your middle linebacker going to be?

DICK VERMEIL: “Right now, Kawika (Mitchell) and or (Monty) Beisel. We held Beisel out today because that hip area muscle and tendon was bothering him. Quinton Caver’s back acted up today too, so we had to hold him out today. Those two guys go on probable (for Sunday).

Q: What about Ryan Sims?

VERMEIL: “Ryan Sims worked some, but we’ll work him out before the ballgame.”

Q: Is Scott Fujita still a game-time decision?

VERMEIL: “Well, we’ll work him out but I think he’s got a good chance to play.”

Q: Was practice at times this week not as intense as the week prior to Baltimore?

VERMEIL: “They were good but not quite as good as the intensity we had when we had pads on prior to that (Baltimore) ballgame. But as a coach you don’t want it that way every week. You’re going to get somebody beaten up. But it was a good practice. We came inside and out of the wind because we didn’t want Trent (Green) competing with the wind throwing the ball. His arm was a little sore.”

Q: This is your second straight week playing a very solid defense. How would you compare this defense with Baltimore’s?

VERMEIL: “It’s a totally different scheme altogether – totally different philosophy. Their defense starts with their two big tackles. You can’t play the defense they play without having two big tackles like that. They stop the run for the most part with a seven man front.

“Against San Diego they brought a guy down to get an eight-man front, but they like to play double zone with two deep, deep safeties and defense everybody else with nine people.

“They get the pressure up inside. Their strong safety is the best safety that we see, the best safety I’ve coached against since I’ve been with the Chiefs (Darious). He’s a player.

“They’re a very good tackling team defensively.”

Q: Do you go into the game thinking you need to stop Fred Taylor and make them one-dimensional?

VERMEIL: “You always believe you can stop the run. I think we believe we can stop the run now more than we have since the season started. I think our players think they can stop the run.

“Will we shut ‘em down? No. But we’ve got to contain him.”

10-15-2004, 01:42 PM
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