View Full Version : Are you Pumped Up? Or Buisnesslike

10-16-2004, 04:25 AM
So the other day I was watching a football game, missouri western to be exact, and there was a couple guys screaming for the players to get up and knock someone out. Yadda yadda yadda and it came in my mind that a good football team could be divided up into the guys who mouth and yell, and the guys who are buisnesslike and don't want all that raaa raaa shit. Now getting all crazy and jumping around is fine, but I remember when i played (badly) last thing i wanted is people jumping around me yelling who let the dogs out when i was trying to read blitzes Oline-or trying to hear gap coverage when i spent most of my varsity days at NT getting the shit kicked out of me. The point of my rambling is at first i was like, yeah get them fired up get them some energy, then I remembered some people are focused on the game and they don't need a guy headbutting them to get them fired up. Final conclusion, you need high motor guys (jarred allen) then have workman type of guys to have decent team, cause lord knows all that hyped up shit isn't going to be good when you overpursue and the back runs right past you