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j molina
10-20-2000, 01:14 PM
The special teams. In my opinion we can slow down the Rams offense by running the ball (Common Kimble!) and not allowing big plays on every possession (Set up a long field and keep everyone in front of you, get good consistent pressure on Warner, bump receivers at the line). When we are on offense they will have a tough time stopping our passing game with their smelly secondary.

The X-factor in my opinion is the special teams. The Rams seem to be susceptible to long returns, giving Hall a golden opportunity. We are all too familiar with their kick-off and field goal situation. If we don't have an average starting field postion on kick offs of at least the 35 there is something wrong. Also when the Rams get into field goal range, the field is shortened and our defense can tighten up with a little more ease. I'm looking for Stoyo to miss at least one field goal over 40 yards.

Chances are that we will move the ball on the Rams D but you are not going to get six every time. Peterson really needs to hit everything he attempts, because if this game is as close as some of us are projecting (myself included) we are going to need it. Don't forget the Rams are wont to return a few on special teams also so our coverage units have to stay disciplined and keep in their lanes. I have a feeling that special teams will play a juge part in the game.

10-20-2000, 02:35 PM
You're correct. what's scary is how bad our Special Teams have been for 2 years now!

10-20-2000, 02:49 PM
It would sure be nice to see our D score a couple of times also!

looking forward to this game...

10-20-2000, 03:34 PM
Right on Luz!! We need a HUGE game from our Defense. We WILL give up points, be a BIG TIME LIFT to get a couple TDs back out of our D!


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