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10-29-2004, 08:09 AM
Q&A with Dick Vermeil

Oct 29, 2004, 8:37:11 AM

Q: Are you confident Priest Holmes will play Sunday?


Q: The list of injured players is pretty long. When does it get to the point that these injuries start to set you back as a team and in your game-planning?

VERMEIL: “We’re very fortunate. We have some good young players that can play. We have a few guys who haven’t been tested yet. But we’ve been bragging about them for a long time so it’s time for them to prove us right or wrong. Some guys are going to have to step up and play.

“Benny Sapp has stepped up and played well. Now it’s Julian Battle’s turn to step up and play well. We think he has the ability to do it; we just haven’t had the need or he hasn’t had the opportunity. Now we have both.”

Q: Would Julian be the third corner?

VERMEIL: “He’ll be involved and will Sapp. Kawika (Mitchell) will go at the “Mike” (linebacker) position. He has six games experience last year. He’s about 99 percent right now, nothing serious.”

Q: Who steps up at the defensive tackle position if Junior Siavii is down?

VERMEIL: ”(Jimmy) Wilkerson will be active. He may work some on nickel with pass rush responsibilities.”

Q: Does this make the running game more important when you’re down this many people?

VERMEIL: “No, I’m more concerned about overall special teams depth because Kawika’s totally involved. Beisel’s gone. We miss his reps. There’s a trickle down effect that hurts you in other areas. So, some people are going to have to step up on teams. We solved for the most part, hopefully, our kickoff coverage problem but not our punt coverage. We have to get better punting and better coverage but you can’t keep taking good football players out of those coverage teams without affecting it. I’m concerned.”

Q: How did your team handle the two days of preparation this week after a big victory?

VERMEIL: “You ask me that weekly and I always give you a positive response. It’s a good working group, but this week coming off that win I think there was something special about it. I think a deeper level of confidence, a little more focus, a little more consistent tempo. I think they’re really getting ready to play.”

Q: The locker room seemed different this week. Maybe it was routine since the early part of this season has had varying schedules with Sunday and Monday night games and an early bye week.

VERMEIL: “They had a victory Monday, which they like. You know, the victory Monday helps the coaches, too, because it gives them about four more hours on Monday to get into the game-plan preparation. It makes the rest of the week go just a little bit smoother.

“But the big thing I noticed is everyone feeling good about himself. Now, I’m not talking about walking around with a smile on their faces and patting each other on their backs. It’s like you get on a golf course and, all of a sudden, you go streaking and hitting the ball real and you feel good about yourself. I think right now the players feel good about themselves.”

Q: For so many reasons this is a big game this Sunday, largely because it’s the next one and a chance to put together a two-game win streak and gain some momentum. Does revenge play any part? Is there a payback for what happened here in Kansas City at last season’s playoff game? Have you talked to your team at all about that?

VERMEIL: “I really haven’t talked to them about that. I don’t think revenge is a big deal. I really don’t. I’m sure some people use it; I normally don’t use it. I think motivation to play well comes through a process that you work on through the year and the kind of players you handle. I think sometimes these guys think about it but some of these guys weren’t here last year. Two of our defensive line starters didn’t play against Indianapolis, so how can they feel revenge?

“I think now it’s a very big game because of the hole we’re in and they’re a playoff caliber football team and if you’re going to go to the playoffs you’d better beat those playoff caliber teams.”

Q: I know you did mention that the Colts are almost unbeatable here at Arrowhead. They are unbeatable at Arrowhead Stadium. They’ve never lost here. That’s something you’ve talked about, right?

VERMEIL: “Five in a row they’ve won here. Five in a row. No team has done that to the Kansas City Chiefs. I’ve been part of it. They’ve beaten me here twice. So, I think it’s time to end that and step up and play at the level we’re capable. It’ll take our best football game collectively.

“It’s a different kind of game than last week’s game. I can’t wait to watch them play.”

Q: As unique as Michael Vick is, that’s almost as unique a challenge as this offense you face and because of Peyton Manning and the things he’s able to do.

VERMEIL: “No question, but they don’t come in with the number one rush defense. They come in with the number six rush defense. Their pass defense is not rated very high. I think they’re a better defensive football team this year than last year up front in their front seven, maybe not quite as good in the secondary. They lost some guys. But they’ll still play well.

10-29-2004, 08:33 AM
Have to get better with punting situations so he says.
I agree........but maybe the best thing is not have to punt!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-29-2004, 10:28 AM
Have to get better with punting situations so he says.
I agree........but maybe the best thing is not have to punt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not punt brilliant!!!

10-29-2004, 10:38 AM
Not punt brilliant!!!

Now wouldn't that be poetic justice?

10-29-2004, 10:46 AM
I don't mind seeing us punt. As long as it's not Baker. Anybody but Baker.
Now that we lost a few of our special teams guys, in Mitchell and Battle. I do not want to see us on punt return coverage. we are just bloody awful in punt and kickoff coverage. I say if we punt, place a beauty and punt it out of bounds. I wonder if the coaches thought of this since DV expressed his concerns with our special teams coverage units. :shrug: :hmmm: