View Full Version : Depth Check...

10-23-2000, 06:47 PM
The hangover has hit. After reviewing the hit on Grbac, that had to smart! His right forearm was completely compressed against his upper arm. Moon better be taking alot of snaps this week.
Morris' arm is in a sling, hopefully he'll be OK. But again, Lockett is standing by to excel, and Ricks needs to get routes and timing down this week.
Afraid Hicks may miss next week, Dan Williams is on crutches, and who knows Glock's situation. Can Browning, Clemmons, Martin and ? bring it against Kitna/Huard?
O-Line has some sprains (Tait), but I think they'll be OK. I think the mindset and talent of relentlessly attacking is established, but will the Chiefs be able consistently do it through 4 quarters in Seattle with replacements and/or sub-100% starters?<BR>