View Full Version : Pollster's final election-day picks

11-02-2004, 06:19 AM
There's a million polls out today, I'm only going over some of the more famous/reputable(?) ones.

Scott Rasmussen:

Bush 50.2%
Kerry 48.5%
Other Candidates 1.3%

Zogby: (not sure if this is his final pick or not)

Bush 48%
Kerry 47%

Bush 247 EV
Kerry 264 EV
Tie (Florida) 27 EV

Gallup: (final?)

Bush 49%
Kerry 49%
Nader 1%

The 2004 "Battleground" poll:

(will you definitely vote for someone, guaranteed?)

"Bush, definitely" 47%
"Kerry, definitely" 41%

(if you must make a choice right now)

Bush 50%
Kerry 46%
I have no friggin idea 4%
Nader 1%


Kerry 50%
Bush 49%



The Pedestrian
11-02-2004, 06:22 AM
So what you're say'n is...we aren't gonna know a damned thing until tonight.