View Full Version : Montana passes medical marijuana

11-03-2004, 02:35 AM
Montana Initiative 148

Registered patients with debilitating medical conditions could produce, possess and use marijuana; a patient or caregiver would need certification by a physician when applying for medical use; conditions specifically mentioned in the initiative are cancer, glaucoma and HIV/AIDS; patients with other conditions that produce chronic pain, seizures, severe muscle spasms would be considered; initiative says registered users can possess a "limited amount" of marijuana

Oregon says no

Amends and expands Oregon's medical marijuana laws; registered persons may possess up to 10 marijuana plants and one pound of usable marijuana (unless the person registers that he is growing one crop per year, in which case possession of up to six pounds per patient is allowed); marijuana dispensaries will be regulated and authorized by the state and must be non-profits; allows naturopaths and nurse practioners to sign a medical marijuana card application.