View Full Version : My take on the 2004 election

11-03-2004, 01:42 PM
It is clear today, that George W Bush has been re-elected to a second term as President of the United States. Althought the electoral margin was again razor thin, he won a decisive and clear majority of the popular vote. Many are groaning that it wasn't that big this time arround, but compared to historical majorities it was significant. It was the first time since 1988 that the elected President got greater than 50 % of the popular vote, no Clinton didn't do that either time.

I know that the Dems are scratching their head saying, "we need to get our message out", or "we should have ran a better candidate"? A better approach would be to look in the mirror and honestly ask, "What is wrong with us?". I have an answer for you, the country proved that it is conservative last night. As far as Gay Marriage:BANNED As far as the President that shared their values, Bush won overwhelming support from married's and people who have a stake in the country.

It is now being said, that Bush needs to move to the left and reach out. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We picked up Senate seats and House Seats. No, perhaps you all should swallow your pride, dump that extremist Nanci Pelosi, and go for a more moderate Harold Ford. You Don't have to worry about Dumping the Obstructionist Daschle, we dumped him for you. The question is, will you nominate Ted Kennedy to the head of the Minority? Bottom line is, if you want to have any say in what goes on, you need to reach out to the Republicans. You are the Losers. The Chiefs don't have to reach out to the Colts this week, do they??

Bush should govern the way he has been governing. He should try to impliment as much as his vision for the country as he can. The majority of the voters are clearly behind him. Principally, he should nominate Supreme court justices that will interpret the constition and NOT attempt to legislate by judicial fiat. He should also keep taxes low, kill more terrorists, and ban Gay "marriage".

One other thing that was obviously clear last night. The traditional media has made their uselessness complete. First they were calling exit polls for Kerry sweeping all the battlegrounds, then they refused to call clearly Conservative states for hours while at the same time calling Liberal states like they were blowouts, instantaneously, as if it wasn't even close. Oh no you say? Look at Virginia and South Carolina vs Pennsylvania and Ohio. The margin of the vote in Pennsyvania was closer in raw vote than the final tally in Ohio, yet Pennsylvania was projected immediately while even now, some of the stubbern MF's at CNN REFUSE to color in Ohio. I mean what is this, "we have never done this before, we now project Ohio green. It is too close to call." They were complicit in another drawn out scenarion by lending credibility to that course of events by coloring it green. Absolutely redicuouls for a supposedly unbiased media to be playing part and parcel into affecting and election. Sorry alphabet channels, you are now obsolete. We have talk radio and the internet so if you refuse to be objective then you may take your leave now.

In conclusion, I would just like to introduce the majority of Americans to the the extremist left in this country. We are not gay, we don't abort for birth control, we are married, we go to church, we die for our country because we believe it is worth defending. We believe that our country comes first, before any others and will die to keep it that way. We take the word of our country and hold it above the word of our enemies. And lastly, we believe that we are entitled to the sweat of our brow. We are conservatives and we are proud of it.