View Full Version : Honestly honestly now, is Firecarlpeterson.com up and official yet?

11-14-2004, 11:52 PM
I mean who cares if Bob Gretz calls us classless and deranged. This guy needs to go and bad! I've had enough of Carl. Not making the playoffs 7 of the past 11 years. Not having a playoff win in 11 years. Locking up our current defensive players to multi-million dollar contracts over the next several years. Blowing drafts and bad. Only drafting 2 impact 1st rounders in 15 years. Hiring a softie of a head football coach. I can think of so much more. We need contribution from everyone we gotta make our stance known to the whole Chiefs organization. Seriously fellow Chief fans, Carl is the architect of this team. And all he's done is make this team fall down and go Boom! I'm tired and many of you probably are, we pay out of our own pocket to go see these guys play, and they rewarded us with didly squat. Carl is not smart, our owner is too blind to realize that. We AS FANS have to come out and express our diappointments and concerns. It all starts with NOT going to the games, posting up that website, send some petition letters to 1 Arrowhead drive. This may probably sound like a pipe dream, but, I beg you guys please let's run this guys a$$ out of town. It is time for a change. I'm tired of hearing the same old excuses from his mouth, coaches mouth. The players you can tell NEED a change. I'm all for it to happen. Let's do it :thumb: