View Full Version : IGN review Half-Life2

11-15-2004, 03:22 PM

9.5 Presentation
The story unfolds in a near flawless fashion. It's weird that Gordon never speaks, but easily forgotten. You'll be hooked by the storytelling and drawn into the action naturally.

10.0 Graphics
Half-Life 2 has usurped DOOM 3's place as the best-looking game on the PC. It's astounding from both a technical and an artistic standpoint.

9.5 Sound
Once again, simply top notch work. Gunfire, the sounds of Combine vehicles, the alertness of guards, voice acting, and all else can't be faulted in any significant way.

9.5 Gameplay
A near flawless implementation of a first-person shooter. A mix of intelligent and frantic combat, puzzles, driving, and squad control creates great variation and paces the game perfectly.

9.0 Lasting Appeal
I want to play Half-Life 2 again and again. It's just that much fun. I do wish there had been more HL specific multiplayer, though.

(out of 10 / not an average)