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11-16-2004, 12:05 PM
Power Rankings: Steelers have the fight, er, right stuff
By Pete Prisco
SportsLine.com Senior Writer
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Updated Nov. 16, 2004

I was wrong.

There, I said it.

Most who follow the SportsLine.com Power Rankings probably are shocked to see that W word anywhere under my byline, even though it has been there before. Selective memory, and most of us have it, will make it seem as if I can't admit the wrongs and instead love to focus on the right.


Donovan McNabb and the Eagles (8-1) will likely be impossible to run down in the NFC. (Getty Images)
Who doesn't?

The Pittsburgh Steelers fans know the wrong I'm talking about, and I'm sure they'll let me know about it. This column last week came with a warning for them and their team to watch out for the Browns.

What I really meant was in the pregame warmups.

The Steelers clearly outclassed the Browns and won what could have been a major trap game, coming off two huge victories the previous two weeks. Instead, they followed the same formula for success that had them 7-1: They ran it; they played great defense; and rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger did just enough in the passing game -- including with his legs -- to move the football.

So the Steelers stay a solid No. 1 in this week's rankings, although the Patriots are right there with them. The only change in the top five comes with Indianapolis moving in at No. 5 and the Jets moving out after their coaching gaffes cost them against the Ravens.

What defensive unit would you rather have?
What about ...

The toughest part in compiling this week's rankings was trying to figure out the teams from 12-20, since so many of the teams in that area lost this week. The Giants, Vikings, Seahawks and Lions all were beaten, making it a challenge on placing them since there aren't exactly a bunch of teams creeping up, either.

Miami, which was off, stays firmly planted on the bottom -- a spot we think they'll have a chance to occupy for the next couple of years, no matter who they hire as coach.

The Steelers are on the opposite end of the rankings, looking down at the league for a second consecutive week. But a word of warning:

Watch out for the Bengals.

Yes, I mean it, although this Steelers group is starting to have the look of something special.

The complete NFL Power Rankings after Week 10:

Current Team Previous
1 Pittsburgh Steelers 1
They maneuvered through the first part of the Ohio minefield in nice fashion. Now comes another tough road game at Cincinnati.
2 New England Patriots 2
Does any team in the league have the little things down pat the way the Patriots do?
3 Philadelphia Eagles 3
That was impressive stuff Monday night, especially for the passing game. The defense still has to be a bit of a concern, though.
4 Atlanta Falcons 4
They are the poster children for the slim margin between winning and losing. They are 7-2, but have outscored their opponents by a combined 10 points.
5 Indianapolis Colts 6
If that defense continues to make strides, watch out. The return to health of some key players is paying off. And we know the offense will get theirs.
6 Jacksonville Jaguars 7
David Garrard showed Sunday he could hold things down until Byron Leftwich gets back.
7 Denver Broncos 8
They can't let up with the Chargers breathing down their necks. No more home missteps like two weeks ago against the Falcons.
8 San Diego Chargers 9
They better hope the week off doesn't do to them what it did to the Texans a few weeks back.
9 Baltimore Ravens 10
If they really are going to let Kyle Boller loose, then watch out for this team in the second half. The belief here is he has what it takes to be a quality player.
10 New York Jets 5
The coaches should be ashamed in losing that game to the Ravens. They can't blame it on Quincy Carter, either.
11 Green Bay Packers 14
We love that offense, but what's with the defense? Four in a row can mask some of the ugliness, though.
12 St. Louis Rams 15
That was a season-saving performance against the Seahawks. The ship had to get righted.
13 New York Giants 11
The Eli Manning era has officially started in the Big Apple. If he is anything close to his brother, it is going to be a heck of a run.
14 Minnesota Vikings 12
Playing games without Randy Moss is killing this team. They scored 31 against the Packers, but they still play differently without Moss.
15 Seattle Seahawks 13
The consistency just isn't there with this team. Something is missing.
16 Chicago Bears 25
Somehow this team, despite losing its quarterback, is in the thick of the NFC North race. Credit this staff with a great job.
17 Detroit Lions 16
That offense is taking steps backward, mainly because Joey Harrington isn't making steps forward. They have a big division game this week with the Vikings.
18 New Orleans Saints 26
At 4-5, the season is still alive. They still have the Falcons twice, so all is not lost.
19 Houston Texans 17
What in the heck has happened to that defense? The bye two weeks ago seems to really have set this young team back.
20 Tennessee Titans 18
It has been a tough year, and if they don't start winning soon -- like Sunday in Jacksonville -- their season is over.
21 Arizona Cardinals 28
Dennis Green has this group headed in the right direction. Playoffs maybe? The defense is playing at that level.
22 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19
Jon Gruden the coach can only do so much to overcome Jon Gruden, personnel director. This team has talent issues.
23 Kansas City Chiefs 20
So much for all that talk about how the defense would be better this year. It isn't. And now the Chiefs' season comes down to a must-win game Monday night against the Patriots.
24 Cincinnati Bengals 22
They are a scrappy bunch with all the young players on their roster. Next year will be their year.
25 Buffalo Bills 23
It's only a matter of time before they opt to go with rookie J.P. Losman at quarterback. This season is now about the future.
26 Washington Redskins 21
The offense is horrific, no matter who is at quarterback. The time is right to go to Patrick Ramsey.
27 Cleveland Browns 24
Is it possible there is a quarterback controversy brewing? The Butch Davis regime is in trouble.
28 Dallas Cowboys 27
How much more can Bill Parcells take? That was abysmal Monday night. It is almost Drew Henson time.
29 Oakland Raiders 29
A week off? Haven't they been off for almost the entire season?
30 Carolina Panthers 30
We liked the comeback, but it's still only their second victory. At least they're still fighting.
31 San Francisco 49ers 31
Blowing 17-point leads isn't a good thing for a young team. That one had to hurt.
32 Miami Dolphins 32
No play, so they stay -- at the bottom. Don't you get the feeling they will stay here the rest of the way, perhaps into next year?