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11-16-2004, 12:07 PM
Tuesday, November 16

Power Rankings: Top three pretty clear


ESPN.com's Power Poll
This week's rankings were determined by a poll of ESPN.com's NFL staff -- writers John Clayton, Len Pasquarelli, Michael Smith and ESPN.com NFL editors Peter Lawrence-Riddell and James C. Black.
The top three teams remain unchanged this week and are clearly the class of the NFL. After that it remains fuzzy. The Colts moved up to No. 4 and the Falcons moved up to No. 5, bumping the tough-luck Chargers (who didn't even play) down to No. 6. It's probably not fair, but it happens. Other big movers were the Bears (No. 27 to No. 16) and the Cardinals (No. 26 to No. 17).
The middle of the rankings are pretty much a crapshoot with 11 teams at either 5-4 or 4-5 (nine of them from the NFC).

On to the rankings. To view last week's rankings, click here. Also, if you think you can do a better job, click here to rank the teams yourself and then later today at 4 p.m. ET stop by the Power Rankings Show on SportsNation to chat with the NFL Power Ranker.

2004 Power Rankings: Week 11
Rk(LW) Team Rec. Comment
1 (1) Steelers 8-1-0 The Steelers just keep rolling all over teams. In their last three wins they've carried the ball 152 times for 653 yards. In those wins they've only attempted 58 passes.
2 (2) Patriots 8-1-0 Troy Brown (1) has more interceptions than Raiders CB Charles Woodson (0).
3 (3) Eagles 8-1-0 It looked like Terrell Owens was playing against a Pop Warner team.
4 (5) Colts 6-3-0 Peyton Manning could throw touchdown passes blindfolded right now.
5 (6) Falcons 7-2-0 Some great stats from Len Pasquarelli's Morning After: In the six games Rod Coleman has played the Falcons have given up 13.3 points per game and recorded 25 sacks. In the three games he missed they gave up 34.7 and recorded only one sack.
6 (4) Chargers 6-3-0 San Diego is near the top of the list of NFL cities where we'd most want to spend our bye week.
7 (7) Broncos 6-3-0 Broncos have only two winning teams left on their schedule, but it could take 11 wins to get into the playoffs in the AFC, so they can't slip much.
8 (10) Ravens 6-3-0 Ed Reed might be the best offensive player the Ravens have. He's definitely in the top 10 of players in the NFL we'd pay to watch.
9 (12) Jaguars 6-3-0 David Garrard will make a pretty good starting QB for some NFL team.
10 (13) Packers 5-4-0 The Packers on top in the NFC North just seems right (although it would seem even more right if it was the NFC Central).
11 (8) Jets 6-3-0 The Jets have one of the most difficult final months (at Steelers, vs. Seahawks, vs. Patriots, at Rams) of any team in the NFL.
12 (16) Rams 5-4-0 The Rams played Sunday like their season was on the line. The question now is if they can consistently do that?
13 (9) Vikings 5-4-0 With Randy Moss expected to miss another week the Vikings need their defense to step up and make some big plays.
14 (11) Seahawks 5-4-0 The Seahawks have an easy schedule and should make the playoffs, but they look like a one-and-out team to us.
15 (14) Giants 5-4-0 Nothing like getting thrown right into the fire: Eli's first two games are against the two best teams in the NFC -- Falcons and Eagles.
16 (27) Bears 4-5-0 Losing Brian Urlacher right before you have to play the Colts isn't very good timing.
17 (26) Cardinals 4-5-0 If any of you out there thought Emmitt Smith would be on pace for over 1,100 yards rushing through Week 10 and you're not related to him, you're lying.
18 (15) Texans 4-5-0 Apparently David Carr and the Texans aren't quite ready for the big time.
19 (22) Bengals 4-5-0 It's no coincidence that the Bengals' two-game winning streak has coincided with improved play from the defense.
20 (19) Lions 4-5-0 In Detroit's four wins Joey Harrington has completed 68 percent of his passes. In their five losses he's only completed 50 percent of his passes.
21 (17) Chiefs 3-6-0 The Chiefs had a 300-yard passer, a 100-yard receiver and almost a 200-yard rusher and they still lost to the Saints.
22 (28) Saints 4-5-0 The Saints will probably beat the Broncos and Falcons in their next two games and then lose to the Panthers and Cowboys.
23 (18) Buccaneers 3-6-0 The knock heading into the draft was that Michael Clayton wasn't very fast, but the rookie WR is showing that what it says on a stopwatch isn't everything.
24 (20) Browns 3-6-0 Gerard Warren mouthed off about hitting Ben Roethlisberger and then went out and recorded one tackle.
25 (23) Titans 3-6-0 At 3-6 the Titans can basically kiss any playoff hopes goodbye. In the AFC they'll have to run the table and even that might not be enough.
26 (21) Bills 3-6-0 The Patriots put a pretty quick end to any momentum the Bills might have thought they had.
27 (25) Cowboys 3-6-0 Vinny Testaverde is just one part of the problems in Dallas, but it's time to get Drew Henson on the field to see what he can do.
28 (24) Redskins 3-6-0 Not sure if it will make the team any better, but switching to Patrick Ramsey is clearly the right move.
29 (29) Raiders 3-6-0 Raiders can start playing the role of spoiler in the AFC this week against the Chargers.
30 (31) Panthers 2-7-0 Jake Delhomme finally has a big game and leads the team to a win and then learns the next day that he broke a bone in his right thumb. It's been that type of year in Carolina.
31 (31) 49ers 1-8-0 This team is really bad. Not much else to say besides that.
32 (32) Dolphins 1-8-0 As bad as it gets for the Dolphins, at least they're still living in Miami.

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it about sums it up.

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2 (2) Patriots 8-1-0 Troy Brown (1) has more interceptions than Raiders CB Charles Woodson (0).

Man that's great!!!! ROFL