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11-16-2004, 12:44 PM
Stats of the Week No. 5

Kansas City gained 497 yards, and lost.

Stats of the Week No. 6

Kansas City is scoring 28.6 points per game, second best in the league, and has a losing record.

Stats of the Week No. 10

Priest Holmes did not play Sunday, and still has more touchdowns than two entire teams, Washington and Miami.

Stop Me Before I Blitz Again!

Game tied at 20 with 5:35 remaining, New Orleans had first-and-10 on the Kansas City 42. It's a blitz. Five gentlemen cross the line, easy touchdown pass to Joe Horn and the Boy Scouts go on to win 27-20. As noted by reader Matt of Grand Rapids, Mich., in the preseason, new Chiefs defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham boasted that Kansas City would blitz a lot, telling the Kansas City Star , "Are we going to give up some big plays? Yes, we are going to give up some big plays." Cunningham has certainly been true to his word! Using this canny plan, the Chiefs are third worst in the NFL in scoring defense.

Obscure College Score of the Week

Friends 14, Bethel of Kansas 7. Located in Wichita, Kansas, Friends University was founded in 1898 by the Society of Friends. Its sports teams are known as the Falcons -- sadly, not as the Fighting Friends.

Society of Friends? Shouldn't their mascot be the Quakers?

Located in Brookings, South Dakota, South Dakota State University calls its sports teams the Jackrabbits; women's team are also Jackrabbits, not Jillrabbits. The school boasts its location is "just miles from the Minnesota border," which tells you something about South Dakota's attitude toward itself.