View Full Version : Q&A with Dick Vermeil - 11/26

11-26-2004, 08:31 PM
Q: Do you plan on using Dexter McCleon this week as your nickel and why didn’t you use him more last week?

DICK VERMEIL: “In pre-game warm-up last week his hamstring still felt tight. We played him anyway for about seven snaps toward the end of the ballgame.”

Q: Statistically across the board San Diego has been solid – Red Zone, run defense, turnovers. Would that all point to the team being a legitimate playoff contender?

VERMEIL: “Any time a team wins four games and then all of a sudden they’ve won seven people wonder. But they’re legit. I don’t know what they don’t do well. They do everything well. Their kicking game is great. In terms of statistics their pass defense gives up a lot of yards, but they don’t give up points”

Q: When you look at a team does rush defense, turnover differential — are those two of the first things you look at?

VERMEIL: “The other thing you look at is how well your quarterback is performing. If your quarterback is not performing well, normally you’re not winning football games. I think part of it is his experience, part of it is his offensive line is playing well, and his mobility when the line does break down. He can make plays outside the pocket. He did so last week. He gets a touchdown in the Red Zone on his own.”

Q: Were you trying to give some other guys extra practice snaps this week? It looked like Todd Collins might have been taking a few more?

VERMEIL: “No, especially on Friday we’ll give him some more reps. No, we didn’t do anything differently. We’ve been rotating young offensive linemen all the way through the practice now to give Will Shields some reps off and Willie Roaf. We’ve been doing the same thing with wide receivers to keep them fresher towards the end of the season.”