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LiL stumppy
11-27-2004, 06:15 PM
Q&A: Derrick Johnson

On playing in his final home game at Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium and wearing number 60:
It will be a little difficult to put aside the fact that it is your last home game. But it is something that you have to put aside and just focus on winning the game regardless of everything around us that is distracting. This is a good Texas A&M team and they will be coming in here ready to win. Itís an honor for me to be playing here at The University of Texas and itís going to be a special playing in my last home game. I will be wearing number 60 to honor Tommy Nobis and all the guys that wore that number. He is a great person with a lot of character. He gave me a little advice that I will carry with me in the future and he is the type of guys that is appreciative of the younger guys playing the game right now and I am the kind of guy that is appreciative of the guys like him who paved the way for us, and linebackers like us.

Comparing Reggie McNeal and Vince Young:
They are very similar quarterbacks. Reggie McNeal and Vince [Young] can you hurt you in two ways; throwing and running. That is always hard to cover somebody like that. You shut down one thing and they can beat you another way.

On the match-up with Texas A&M:
Each year, Texas A&M plays us hard. It is a rivalry game. This year makes it even better with two teams with good records competing and there is a lot to play for.

On his decision to opt for a fourth year at Texas instead of the NFL:
Coming back for my senior year and not opting for the NFL meant a whole lot to me. It was a decision that I had to sit down with my parents to make. Personally, I needed more time before I got out there in the real world. Here at The University of Texas, three years were great and a fourth one is even better. I knew I could get better on the football field and I have done that this year and I look forward to continuing to grow.

On being nominated for so many awards:
Those prestigious awards makes you aware of the players around you. Any awards that I win this year, I have to give my teammates and the coaching staff a lot of credit for being so supportive.

On playing under Greg Robinson:
Greg Robinson has put the icing on my game. He has made me more controlled when the play starts. That has actually sped my game up. He knows a lot and for me to have my last year with him was a dream come true."

Though the comment about GROB was kind of funny.

11-27-2004, 06:19 PM
Yeah, I actually read an article the other day where G-Rob said that last year with the Chiefs was probably the best coaching job he ever did....