View Full Version : THIS MAKES ME SICK!!!!!

11-05-2000, 05:34 PM
OK, there's no doubt the Raiders are the better team today. They're running all over us. Our LBs are CONSTANTLY out of position. Our OL misses their leader obviously as pass protection has been awful. They've had too many passes batted and tipped to count. But WTF is with all these sh!tty calls? I'm not making excuses, because we'd probably still be losing without them. But the fumble at the goalline? First, it was a HORRIBLE call. Second, why do we lose a TO? It wasn't even able to be challenged. Third, who's the moron that thought that plays called down by contact couldn't be challenged? WHY NOT?! And now the Dudley TD, where he pushes off THEN lands with his right foot out of bounds!!! No challenge?! And how about every lucky bounce going Oakland's way. The second Rison TD?

Again, Oakland is a better team than we are. No question. But this is the worst game I have seen in a very long time. The overtime loss last year is looking good right now. I think we were screwed on a bunch of calls, but we definitely aren't playing well either. Why did Bartee leave Rison on the first TD? He wasn't even close to gannon, and the safety had already picked him up. I will tape over this piece of sh!t game as soon as possible.

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11-05-2000, 05:36 PM
At least Gonzalez gets his record. He's one of the few that came to play today.

Gracie Dean
11-05-2000, 05:55 PM
How well would you play if the zebras let all the wind out of your sails every time you made a decent play? This crew is worse than Ed Hockalugee's. They gave this game to the Raiders on the second possession. True, we haven't played wonderfully but again, how can you defend when fumbles are waved off and people are allowed to push off as badly as dudley did in the endzone?