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12-05-2004, 02:01 PM
Hey the Royals made a stop in my hometown, Versailles. Hometown of Dixon Pencil Factory, World's Smallest Wal-Mart, and Bill and Nancy Laurie, Mizzou's most famous donors.


Eighth stop: Wal-Mart in Versailles, Mo.

Versailles, which is pronounced VER-sales, is the birthplace of the most famous pencil in the world, the Ticonderoga No. 2. It is also home of the Ticonderoga No. 1 pencil, which just never took off.

And it is also home of the world's smallest Wal-Mart. Nobody is expecting the big lines and warm welcomes that greeted the caravan at the big Wal-Mart in Jefferson City. But once again, the group is surprised. Ten minutes before the appearance begins, there is a line of 15 people around the Western Shirts ($13.95!). And, once again for the full hour, there is a stream of people who want autographs and to talk Royals baseball.

“I wish more of the players could see this,” Lefebvre says. “This is what baseball is all about, you know? You have all these fans — to them, this is a big deal. I mean, no offense to Jaime or Calvin, they're great, but obviously we don't have the biggest stars here. But these people, they don't care. They just want to know the team cares about them.”

As he talks, a man wearing a Royals cap, Royals jacket and Royals shirt takes his baseball, which has been signed by Leonard, Cerda and Pickering. He looks at it for a long time. You think he just might sleep with it tonight.

“I wish more players could see this,” Lefebvre says again.

12-05-2004, 02:51 PM
I read that story, I've been just about everywhere the caravan stopped. They had a goober burger in Sedalia at the Wheel Inn (Hamburger with Peanut Butter...yuck).

Dennis Leonard is my all time favorite Royals pitcher. He was a gamer, like Curt Schilling is today. I was at the game where he blew out his knee. It looked like somebody shot him in mid pitch. Really scarry. I was also there when he pitched against Toronto a couple of years after his knee injury. It was a really courageous performance after all that rehab. Wish the current crop of losers had a tenth of his heart and guts. At least they got rid of that puss whiner Darrell May. Good riddance!

Pitt Gorilla
12-05-2004, 03:06 PM
Yeah, I missed their stop in Columbia last week. I've made a point to going to the stops every year, but I missed it somehow this time. Oh well, I got Chris George's signature last year and Sweeney two years before that. I appreciate them reaching out to the fans.