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12-07-2004, 12:05 AM
I haven't seen this anywhere, but on DV's press-conference on Monday, here he said about Gunther.

Vermeil: “Gun got after the defense and a couple of guys because of a couple of mistakes that were made. It’s just normal practice.”

Then here's Gunther's part.


CUNNINGHAM: At half-time, the Chiefs defensive coordinator was nearly out of his mind. The frustration of the season and the poor play of the defense had built up to a crescendo in his head. On top of all that was a first-half performance that was an embarrassment. Kerry Collins threw for 190 yards and a pair of TD passes in just 26 offensive plays. The secondary was beaten for 51 and 34-yard scores.

It was more than Cunningham could handle. At half-time, he exploded like he hasn’t during this entire return to KC season. His words were brutal and frank and can’t be repeated verbatim here. The premise was this: he was tired of the secondary embarrassing the team and the entire franchise.

“I probably should not have done that at half-time, but I couldn’t stand it,” Cunningham said. “We were awful. We sucked and there was no reason for it. We were killing ourselves.”

The Chiefs went out in the second half and probably played their best 30 minutes of defensive football in weeks, maybe months. They allowed only one score and gave up 153 yards of offense. Collins was sacked twice and harassed on nearly every ball he threw. The Chiefs got their hands on several passes and Eric Warfield dropped an interception. The Chiefs were more physical and more assignment sound.

“He challenged the entire group,” said Eric Hicks. Added LB Kawika Mitchell: “We had to answer his call. There was nowhere else for us to go.”

12-07-2004, 12:07 AM
Good for Gun. I wish he would have had the 'little chat" weeks ago.

12-07-2004, 12:09 AM
good. he shoulda slap these guys if he can.

this is something he shoulda done 10 weeks ago. :shake:

12-07-2004, 12:09 AM
Damn i would love to hear a recording of that. I can imagine how bad he ripped into them.

12-07-2004, 12:27 AM
Wish he would have done this at Denver game, we would be in the hunt for homefield advantage right now.

12-07-2004, 01:09 AM
Bartee totally quit on the one TD play. He quit and he was beat by 20 yards and the ball wasn't even half way to the reciever. I'm not bashing the staff but if it was my call he would've been cut after the game and maybe even at the half. Never done shit and then you quit :shake: "Clean out your locker before I get there or I'm gonna feed you your jock."

Why do I think Gun's anger was pointed in his direction?

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Hammock Parties
12-07-2004, 02:02 AM
Go Gunther.

12-07-2004, 02:11 AM
Here's how dumb the KC press is. Gun chewed a couple guys up and here's the Q&A.

Q&A with Dick Vermeil
Dec 06, 2004, 9:04:14 PM

DICK VERMEIL: “We’re all back now and have been through the tapes. I’ve seen a lot of things within the tapes that we’re pleased with. Seen some things that you saw where we still have some breakdowns. There are some real good performances: Trent’s (Green) second half performance was as good as I’ve ever been around. The only incomplete pass was a batted ball. I think he was a little mad at himself for the last drive before the half when he missed what he thought should be a touchdown. He was upset about the interception when Johnnie (Morton) fell down. Instead of creating frustration, it created an intense focus to compete. Boy, did he ever.

“Eddie Kennison had a big game. Of course, we know that Larry (Johnson) stepped up and did a good job. He’ll get better. He missed some holes. He was running so hard – almost blindly a couple of times. As he learns to relax and be a little more patient in his reading I think he’ll end up making some more good runs. We were pleased to see him get excited and just appear. He looked like a different guy and I think that’s all coming as he grows up and has opportunities.

“Defensively, the line continued to do some good things – got some good pressure. Actually Jared Allen was recorded with two sacks, not one.

“We had two breakdowns: the screen being one. No excuse for that. We’ve got to be able to defense the screen better than we did there. Then we had the mental breakdown on the big pass play. For the most part and overall, we did OK. They elected not to try to run and, hopefully, it was because they had respect for our run defense and felt the best way to beat us was to throw the ball down field. They did a lot of max protection – chip blocking with backs on the end, especially on Eric Hicks’ side. Kerry Collins threw for 340 yards and did a good job.

“But Trent, especially after the field goal at the end of the half, came out in the second half and with Al (Saunders) directing the offense especially in the second half was great. When you score every time you have the ball (in the second half) somebody’s doing something right.

“The overall plan was to run the ball outside and then work back inside. We had the one bad punt and it seems like he’s good for one a week. There’s not much we can do right now, other than be patient and keep encouraging him and hope he eliminates the bad punt because the game was close enough, let alone give a good offensive team good field position.

“The kids came home on the airplane feeling good about themselves. They weren’t ranting and raving like they won 14 ballgames, but they felt good about it. We’ve all put a lot of pressure on ourselves and we don’t run and hide and get into a world of making excuses. But it was sort of nice to be able to just fly home with a smile on your face.”

Q: How did Jordan Black do?

VERMEIL: “He did pretty good overall for mainly working at left tackle and guard on the practice field. He jumped in there at right tackle and played 40-something snaps.”

Q: He’ll be your starter if Chris Bober can’t go this week?

. VERMEIL: “Maybe, yeah. If Bober’s not back it’ll be him or Kevin Sampson.”

Q: The way Larry Johnson played yesterday, how far does that go in your decision-making that maybe he could be the insurance for Priest Holmes?

. VERMEIL: “To me, I’ve seen that before the ball game. I’ve seen it on the practice field but it’s better when you see it in the ball game. What I liked in the ball game in watching Larry was how intense he was in competing. You can’t evaluate that on the practice field. He was almost too intense. He kept flying up there and hoping that everybody gets out of the way. I think when he gets a little more patient, he’ll learn more from watching Priest in reading things like draws. He’ll make more good runs.”

Q: I saw you talking to him a couple of times on the sideline. Is that where you were telling him to calm down a little bit?

VERMEIL: “I’d talk to him every once in a while, reassure him, or tell just to back off a little bit, stutter step a little bit as you reach that line of scrimmage, don’t get caught in a long stride and those kinds of things. They’re all instinctive things that he can do. But when you’re going full bore to the line of scrimmage sometimes you can’t cause everything happens so fast you can’t do everything you see.”

Q: Is there a danger in making evaluations and decisions about players off one game good or bad?

VERMEIL: “No, I don’t think so. In fact, I’ve always coached that way. I always coach and evaluate a player when I see him doing something well, then all we have to do is coach him as long as he as character and will work hard. All we have to do as coaches is give him enough fundamental work and develop his skills further because they’re there.

“Now, you can go the other way. You can dwell on every time you see him do something wrong. To me, that’s a negative approach and I don’t do it and haven’t done it this year when we were only winning three games. I don’t coach that way.”

Q: Assuming Blaylock is healthy, how do you plan to use your backs?

VERMEIL: “About like we did. Start by using Blaylock and go back to Larry. Larry played more than he would have in the ball game in that Blaylock took that shot and I was a little concerned with him. He was cleared and he went back in and played all right. But I was out on the field (after his injury).”

Q: You’ll have a tough decision to make on your running backs before February with Blaylock’s contract up, Priest has talked in the past about retirement, and Larry Johnson. What do you do?

VERMEIL: “Well, I’m going to worry about that problem then.”

Q: But can you keep three?

VERMEIL: “You can do whatever you want to do unless someone offers somebody so much money that you couldn’t be competitive. I know that Derrick Blaylock likes it enough to be here and wants to be here. I know that. I think I’m free to say that. But someone might come in and all of a sudden pay him as a starting running back. I would then say like I did to John Tait: good luck and thank you for all you’ve done.”

Q: Given your other needs and the salary cap implications, is it realistic to think that Derrick will be playing here next year?

VERMEIL: “Sure, uh huh.”

Q: Priest Holmes is out this week, right?

VERMEIL: “Uh huh.”

Q: He won’t play on Sunday?

VERMEIL: “No. He’s working out right now.”

Q: So Priest will be listed as out?

VERMEIL: “He’ll be listed as out.”

Q: Is he out for the year?

VERMEIL: “I don’t think so. The doctors have never told me that.”

Q: You and Al Saunders since you’ve been here have not liked to rotate running backs until now. What does this rotation give you?

VERMEIL: “I think it gives Derrick Blaylock a chance to grow as a starter and not wear down. This is his first real opportunity to carry the load. It gives us an opportunity to play Larry and develop him as a player without hurting the offense. It may help the offense because he does have power when he hits you.

“Neither is Priest Holmes. There’s only one Priest Holmes and that’s not a negative statement. Each running back has his own style and talents and both of these guys are different than Priest Holmes.”

Q: You had said that Kevin Sampson would be the guy at tackle. Why did Black step in when Bober went down?

VERMEIL: “I actually thought that Kevin Sampson was going to go at right tackle. In fact, I went over and talked to him. But Mike (Solari) wanted to go the other way because Jordan had more experience being active on Sundays, being in pre-game warm-ups, playing a little bit already. Kevin hadn’t had that opportunity. Mike was a little bit leery on how he might react because he’s a very intense tough kid. He might over-react. But I have confidence in guys that are tough, though, because they’ll fight. I think Kevin Sampson has a chance to be a pretty good football player because of his athleticism and his ease to coach and his passion to play. I would have no qualms to playing him in the ballgame.”

Q: What’s Jordan Black and Kevin Sampson doing that Brett Williams isn’t?

VERMEIL: “We have Brett Williams at guard. They all can’t play the same position. Brett Williams was at right tackle last year but he came back this year and was struggling. We couldn’t get him back to the level he finished the season last year. Then he had him at guard and he’s ascending. Last week was his best week of practice. Sometimes you have to move those guys around to see where they best fit.”

Q: You were down 20-10 at the half. Did you say anything to your team at half for them to come out and do what they did?

VERMEIL: “No, Al is always very calm at halftime. He goes around and talks to all the offensive coaches. The only thing I said to the squad is, ‘we’re down 20-10 because we’ve given them two plays.’ If we just go and do what we have the ability to do we’ll be ok. Gun got after the defense a little bit.

“I think we just executed well. We did what we have the ability to do. They gave Trent time to throw the football. Al did a beautiful job of mixing the run with the pass. Of course, at the end it was Eddie Kennison making a big play.

“Halftimes are so short now because they want the game off the air sooner. So they’re not as concerned about players resting and freshening up or even warming up. It’s all for the TV audience. You’d like to think you’d make a contribution at halftime, but sometimes that’s over-rated. What you try to do is correct the mistakes that you’ve made, reassure them about where you are, and substantiate what you have left to do and what you can do. It’s a very, very calm environment.

“Gun got after the defense and a couple of guys because of a couple of mistakes that were made. It’s just normal practice.”

Q: Getting back to Larry Johnson, did he gain your trust yesterday?

VERMEIL: “Our concern with Larry is not when he has the ball in his hands. It’s pass protection. He’s becoming a lot more aware. He did a good job in pass protection – got some good blocks. The quarterback has got to feel very comfortable with the guys he’s got with him.”

Q: Does Trent feel more comfortable with Larry?

VERMEIL: “He will every day but that takes time. He’s also on the practice field with everyone – not only Larry Johnson but anyone who makes a mistake or an offensive when a lineman gets beat. Trent has unbelievable ability to focus on what’s going on downfield. He can tell me more about what’s going on on the field when he comes out than any quarterback that I’ve ever been around. It’s amazing that he can see so much and assimilate so much information and use it to his benefit. But when you have concerns with what’s going on around you that is a distraction in your focus.

“A week ago Larry got run right over, but any one of our other running backs might have gotten run over by the same guy.. I think that’s the whole thing. I have confidence that Larry’s going in the right direction and he’s gaining knowledge in how to play running back in all aspects of that position.”

Q: Going to that play where the linebacker ran over Larry vs. San Diego, what is his blame on that play? He stuck his nose in there and didn’t blow the assignment.

VERMEIL: “First off, you’re not surprised. You anticipate the worst, your blocking assignment coming full bore at you. Wham, he hits you. There’s a whole mindset of awareness also the tempo with which a defender can come that is never assimilated on the practice field. I’ve seen him in live blocking drills when the tempo is intense and do a super job. It’s a little tougher coming out of the ‘I’ formation. I’ve seen Scott Fujita run over heralded running backs this season.”

Q: What did you see in yesterday’s game that you hadn’t seen all year from your team?

VERMEIL: “Not really anything. I have never walked off the field thinking our guys didn’t compete for four quarters. I just have never done that. I’ve never said they didn’t play hard; I’ve never felt that way.

“Now maybe I’m naďve and blind, but I have never felt that way. There have been a lot of innuendos and situations where people will say, ‘gee, don’t you expect them…they’re out of the playoffs, don’t you expect them to let up and let down.’ In my career people who keep asking those same questions ask them because that’s how they would respond if they were in the same situation.

“It’s just like when you tell someone the truth and they don’t believe you. They don’t believe you because they know they wouldn’t tell the truth in that same situation. That’s how I evaluate it. I don’t question the character of this football team. I knew personally that we would go to Oakland and play very well. I just felt it. I just watched them practice. You don’t work real hard and then play lazy. That’s not the way because the games are fun on Sunday.”

Q: But I heard you showed them a video of all the good things they did against the Chargers. Do you think that may have helped?

VERMEIL: “I don’t know. As a coach you try to give yourself credit for doing some things right. As I said earlier, that’s just the way I coach. My first year here I did tell them I stayed up to 3 o’clock in the morning trying to put one of those together. It was tough. I took everything I wanted to show them this time except takeaways out of one game. Real good things on offense, defense and special teams and we didn’t win. But my first year it took until 3 o’clock and I still didn’t finish the tape.”

Q: You say you coach from a positive standpoint but have you at the end of the year stepped back and looked and found that this guy doesn’t have the character, or that guy the willingness?

VERMEIL: “What you normally do at the end of the year is go back and evaluate. First off, when the end of the season is here you see things a lot better because there isn’t the pressure of decision-making, game planning or injuries to consider. You just study your personnel. Sometimes you see the overall personnel picture much better than you do earlier in the season – especially for me because I’m looking at all 53 guys. It’s different if you just coach linebackers. But if you’re involved with all the decision making, I find I see it much differently and much clearer when the season is over. There’s no emotion involved and I have many times been very disappointed with my in-season evaluation.”

Q: Because you have a positive nature.

VERMEIL: “The other thing I’ve seen is I’ve seen guys play better than I thought they did.”

Q: Do you need someone to say you’re giving too much credit?

VERMEIL: “My coaching staff is not limited to what they can say to me or anybody, or to you media people. I expect them to use good judgment and I don’t go in and dictate things to my coaches. I think I give them room to think and take advantage of their skills. In the off-season we evaluate everything and each staff breaks it down in a way that you have the responsibility to go study everybody who’s graded better than we are in every area.”

They never asked who on defense got chewed. Our D is our weakness and signing our own FAs was a fugged but when some of the D gets called out by Gun at the half against the Raiders no one asks who got chewed? What a bunch of idiots :shake:

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12-07-2004, 02:24 AM
Well according to Gretz he was mad at the secondary...

12-07-2004, 02:35 AM
Well according to Gretz he was mad at the secondary...

I'd would of cut Bartee at the half. He quit on the one TD play before the ball was snapped IMO.........

Still I think one of the press would key on something like that and get the facts to the fans. They suck!

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big nasty kcnut
12-07-2004, 02:38 AM
Gun was like a animal. He's was like a beast that hadn't ate anything for months. I like it.

12-07-2004, 02:46 AM
We need the old, bloodthristy Gunther back on D. DV's family values atmosphere obviously isn't working. Besides, defenses aren't supposed to be about warm, fuzzy feelings. It's about sacking and rampaging like a bunch of mad barbarians.

12-07-2004, 02:58 AM
We need the old, bloodthristy Gunther back on D. DV's family values atmosphere obviously isn't working. Besides, defenses aren't supposed to be about warm, fuzzy feelings. It's about sacking and rampaging like a bunch of mad barbarians.
You know, I've just never understood how "family values" equals "soft patty-cake" stuff on the field... DV has always talked about a level of "violence" in playing defense (and offense too), we've just sucked at it...

Hammock Parties
12-07-2004, 02:58 AM
You know, I've just never understood how "family values" equals "soft patty-cake" stuff on the field... DV has always talked about a level of "violence" in playing defense (and offense too), we've just sucked at it...

I hope the next coach feels the need to practice at full speed.

I'm betting most of the good defenses in the NFL practice at full speed.

12-07-2004, 03:59 AM
Gunther is the man.

12-07-2004, 06:21 AM
Gunther is the man.

Yeah, but it's too little too late for this year. I hope he has adequately assessed the talent he has to work with, knows who listens, know who gives him the brush off so we can get this rebuilt in a single off-season.