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Baby Lee
12-07-2004, 07:02 AM


by Rambo Rick

10. Their is no such thing as a town of mijets. I know mijets and theyre family is not all mijet like them. A village oif mijets is not realistic. What is making everyoe mijet? Were all the mijets sent too this village? Their are no mijets in Titannic because mijets don't like to ride boats. They like the circus.

9. Titannic is original and Lord of the rings is a rip off. I saw Willow when I was in middle school Titaniic is not a rip off of willo. Lord of the Rings is a willow. Willo has a mijet town and the mijet goes to get rid of the baby. No one lets him get rid of the baby and he finds a magic goat and the scary queen from Snow White chases the midjet and tires to kill the goat. Maybe the mijets are cousins of the dwarfs. There are dwarfs and mijets in Lord of the Rings soi it makes no sense.

8. Too many gay mijets in Lord of the rings. Why are all the mijets gay? Frodo is gay and kisses the fat mijet on the head. I would kick the shit out of any gay mijet that tried to kiss me on the head. That's how they give you gay. No damn gay mijet is going to give me gay.

7. The bad guy in titanic is an jealous man who doesn't like Rose chainsg Dicaprio. The bad guy in Lord of the Rings is an eyeball and it is on fire. Why be afraid of an eyeball. That is like being afraid of a old woman on fire in a weel chair. Ha Ha! Stupid old woman! Come get me! I got the ring! You are on fire and just sit there! You are not scary you are on fire! that is what the ball is like it just sits there on fire and doesn't do nothing. Stpid eyeball. The iceberg is not on fire and it chases the boat and hits it and makes it sink. The eyeball is stupid it doesnt chase anybody/

6. JAmes cmaeron finished his movie in 3 hours but they took many hours to finish Lord of the Rings. Titannic was long but good. IT takes all day to watch the lord of the rings and thats too long to be watching gay mijets.

7. There is a love story in Titanic about love and teenagers who like love. Jack loves on Rose and loves her hard. The only love in Lord of the Rings is the gay mijets who cry alot and kiss each other on the head.

8. Nobody dies in Lord of the rings, everybody dies in Titannic. There are n9ie chaeracters in Lord if the Rings and they all live. The wuzard who alls down a cliff and comes back as jesus lives. Frodo the gay mijet lives. Sam who is not gay and is cool he is alos in a football movie so of course he is not gay he lives. Merrey who has a gay name he lives. And the most gay of all is Pippin who just sounds like a gay. Hi I am Pippin! Can you tell Im a gay? HA HA !! Then there is a dwarf who is like a mijet only not gay, and a blond gay vulcan who can shoot good with his bow and arrow and is love with the dwarf, and then there is Aragoren who could get liad, like, every day. His horse even likes to kiss him.

9. Titanic could happen. Lord of the Rings could not happen. They made a movie out of stuff that nobody could do. There are no giant dumbos and vulcans and trees dont talk and no wizards and none of this stuff is real. Titanic is all real. Rich people are all like Billy Zane and wear mascara and hate poor people.

10. Titanic is a movie about how we get lied to by rich people and why they suck. LOTR is about people who get a dickted to a ring that mjust be laced with crack or something. All you have to do is touch the ring and you get a dickted it is like cigarets or Pokemon. Another guy gets shot because he's a dickted to the ring and tries to steal it from Frodo the gay mijet. He gets sad and then gets shot. This is a good moment because it shows how it is not good to get a dickted. Then Aragoren shows up and he must have caught gay from the gay mijet Frodo because he kisses the shot guy on the head. There are too many anti drugg movies out there. every day at school they sday dont do drugs dont do drugs and yet every morning I have to swallow lots of drugs because they are brain vitamins.

So don't watch lord of the rings watch Titanic That's my closing statement watch Titannic. Lord of the Ring is a STUPID HA! HA!

Film Critic, Alhambra High Star Gazette

Baby Lee
12-07-2004, 07:13 AM
MY FAVORITE THINGS IN TITANIC! Tuesday, 01-Sep-98 20:59:18 RAMBO RICK writes: I jsuyt saw TITANIC agan for the 9nth time and later tonight will be my teneth. My favorite things in Titqanic... 1. Kate Windselt all oiled and naked and laying on her side with her armpit up in the air. 2. Kate Windlset sweaty and slapping the window when she loves Jack so much she has to slpa the window. 3. Kate smoking pott in the poor people room and drinking beer and partying her ass off although that dance they did was stupid who dances that lord of the dance crap anyway? Kate got sweaty again in the scene so it was good. 4. Leo DeCaprio spitting on himself ad facing the old ladies who don't tell him he'ds got spit on him. They were all mintstureateing so they didn't tell him. 5. Cameron showing how dumb the women are by having them sing a song about being in danger on the sea. 6. The big engines going thump thump thump! 7. the stupid guy who falls and hits his head on the propellor! ha ha! funniest moment in the movie. 8. the Titanic video game the fat porker shows to old Rose at the beginning. I vcant wait for that game to come out - especially if you get to be jack and get to shoot and kill people. stupid fat porker looks just likt the fat porker at aint it cool. i think it was played by him thats why he also likes Titanic. 9. james cameron's music which was neat and and was just like his bravehart score. i had a Care Bear doll named bravehart when i was a kid and that's why I like bravehart. 10. and my favortie thing in titanic - when the titanic heals itself and comes back to life - i bet nobody saw that coming! it would be cool if the real titanic healed itself and came back to life and floated again like in the moive - just imagine the shocked faces. Rose also got affected by the magic and was made young again. Cameron has a great imagination to think of the titanic coming back to life like in ET and Bueaty and the Beast. if we didnt see the new people wed be all depressed and think that rose stayed old and never got back together with jack, but cameron made sure we got to see them be young and happy again so we don't haver to think about nasty smelly old rose, who has to were depends. GROSSS! i hope i get hit by a tornado or something before i look like that. MY FAVORITE THINGS IN ITTIANIC. TOMORROW MY LEAST FAVIRITE THINGS Rambo Rick RAMBO RICK ******* My LEast Favirite Things in Titanic Thursday, 03-Sep-98 16:28:20 Okay one last messege for all of you tianic haters out their. my messege got deleted so this is the last time i can say it. ANYONE THAT DOESENT LIKE TITANIC IS STUPID. I have now seen it twelve times. it is the best movie ever made even better than Bravehart but there are still sme things wrong with it but not the dumb things you people talk about because only stupid people care about historecal unacuracies, i mean who cares? but here are the only things wrong with Titanic. 1. Too much mushy girl stuff and not enough action for the boys. I mean the butler has blood on him in the last part of the movie becuase I hope Jack beat him up when the grown ups weren't looking. If jack did not beat him up, then how come he is bleeding, i don't like that part. 2, i don't like the part where the camera is making us all look at how good looking Lio DiCaprio is. I don't like looking at him the way I do the naked girl. 3. I dont like the part where the old hag throws away the necklace that could have gone to fighting drugs or something. 4. all the dumb people just standing around while the ship is sinking, ha like that could happen. no body would try to put their kids to sleep or just stand around like the people in this movie they must be on crack. the captain didn't give a good acting job because after the ship hit the iceburg, he just stands around. i bet if that really happened, the captain would have flipped out and would have given the driver a good beating and would have grounded him. He seemed to think it was okay or something but instead everyone died and he drowned in the aquariam. so that was dumb. 5. there was some action and shotings, but not enough. i hope they make a sequel and show us more action like Bruce willis and Rambo. 6. I didn't like that no one in the movie didn't sing the Celeine Deion song that would have been good during the flying part. jack could have sanf the song to her and she could have sanbg back like a dumb disney film. 7. everyone says that their were not any monorities on the titanic but this is the 90s and to be sensitive to them they should have put some in. how do you think black people feel about no black people being in the most popular film of all time? i bet their mad. 8. we dont get to see jack and rose have sex, only rose love jack alot and hit the wondow. we should have seen mopre of the sex becuase it means he loves her more. 9. when rose is running in the water in her white pachamas, her shirt gets wet but we dont get to see her boobies like in the Goldin Child which is real funny when that happens. 10. and the last thing I don't like about titanic is the old hag I'm glad she did not win the Ocscar because they only voted for her because shes old. she only got tpo be in the movie because she's old and she is boring and old and if she was a real actrress how come nobody ever talked about her before? I bet she's really a new actress but shes been smoking crack like a crack hore and that is why she looks so old! Ha! Ha! Old bitch! hah ha I wish she would die so we would not have to pay for her social security they should kill every old person over thirty like in that stupid movie Hogan's Run which is funny brecvause its bad but at least it doesnht have any old people in it! Ha! Ha! well their it is what i don;t like about titanic. To Betheny you might be a cute sexy girl but i bet yur not so stop pretending we are. to everyone else whjop is telling me to run for office i am the student counsil rep[resentateve from my home room and i don't need the support of stupid people who hate titanic like you who are all probibly fat and cant get a date. that is why you dont like to watch titanic cause you are all hommos. Ha! Ha! Rambo Rick ******* "Rambo Rick" Received this letter from "Angie" Titanic "THE MOVIE" Was a bunch of LIES. I mean the story line is about a pitiful rich girl and this artist. A LOVESTORY!!! I mean, come on people. Titanic's money wasn't made off of what really happened. It wasn't made because of the sinking and the people drowning. It was made off this stupid LIE!!! Off this rediculous LOVESTORY!! That didn't happen. That had nothing to do (execpt for the sinking and diCRAPro dying because of Titanic sinking) with Titanic. Even the part of the LAKE WISSOTA (Which I live by)(Which I am sure no one cares). If writers are going to write a story, then write a story but If you're going to write a story that is going to be on a real life. At least keep the facts strieght. *** RAMBO RICK'S RESPONSE Re: Re: LIES,LIES, and MORE LIES!!!! (and then some!) Wednesday, 09-Sep-98 17:28:48 writes: Hey, Angie you shut up because you dont no what your talking about. Thge Titanic was a real boat and it is not a lie. If you want proof just go to the bottom of the sea and you will find it!!! All of the parts in Titanic that showed the boat unfderwater were real who cares if Lake winona had not been made yet or whatever your talking about? You are just stupid not to liuke Titanic stooopid. when you walk down the street people say look at the big stupid head. they have pictures of the boat and everything how can you say its a lie. ibet youre not really that dumb nobody culd be that dumb its like saying that Saving Privite ryan didn't happen evn though that's a true story or Bravehart didn't happen even though there was a real king who had a hommo for a son. Yeah! he was a hommo in real life who liked to wear dresses and scare people. stuff in shindler's List didnt happen but nobody complained like the sene where the nazis became nice and gave the naked women a shower, or when they took the kids to a better place than the camp. the mom all freaked out and chased the trucks but the nazis were just getting the kids out of there the moms were pretty dumb to act like that and i bet it didn't happen. if you dont get mad at the inacuracees in those movies then you cant get mad at Titanoic unless you are a hippocrit. but you are worse than a hippcrit you are a bucket of poo poo becuase you think titanic is a big lie yah shows how smart you are. also your english is bad i could bearly read your letter you stupid. your dumb. HA HA! Rambo rIck

About the author: I am Rambno Rick Student Counsil Rep. from Home Room

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Link is focked

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I see thhe taxpayers oF Alhambra, Ca., are really getting their money's worth from the school system. What a moron...

By th eenod of Ti=tanic...I was cheering for the iceberg!

Kill 'em! Kill 'em ALLLLLLL

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Figured since everyone was talking movies, I'd give myself one promotional bumpity, here.

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This guy makes some good points.

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i think they tired at the oscors

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This guy is trying to be an idiot right?

If he is, then it's funny.