View Full Version : My Dream Offseason

12-13-2004, 04:00 PM
1. Nate Clements CB Bills
2. Edgerton Hartwell LB Ravens
3. Brandon Stokely WR Colts
4. Rod Coleman S Texans

I like Coleman at safety b/c he used to be a corner, so that we can have more cover ability in the secondary.

I know some people will say that Stokely is only a 3rd receiver, but if we have hiim and Kennison and Morton then the Chiefs will certainly have a mismatch at the 3rd wr position. I also like Stokely b/c he has very good hands, something we desperately need. He is also a good fit in our offense and is good at scoring TDs.

And yes, Stokely is a FA, PFW has it listed in their "whispers" section.
Then we need to draft a stud like Derrick Johnson, but unfortunately we will likely need to lose out to get him. I'm not sure we are going to do it.

I think we are going to beat the Raiders and Titans and end up with a 6-10 record. Failing to get Johnson, we need to draft the most explosive pass rusher in the draft. If we add a partner in crime for Allen and it will drastically improve our D.

I like Jared Allen, I think he will be a monster when he improves his strength in the offseason.

Coming out of the draft, Allen only bench pressed 225 13 times, which is really bad for a DE. Giving him better over all strength will make him much more effective. He's beating LTs with his motor and first step, give him enough power to use swim moves and he will be a force.

The only FA in that group which might break the bank is Clements, but as a premium corner, he's worth it. And, Clements is YOUNG. Stokely might be expensive b/c of the year he's having in Indy, but I doubt they can really afford to keep him. And, with all the money the Ravens have tied up in their D, (McAlister, Lewis, Boulaware and Suggs) I doubt they can keep Hartwell.

Clements might also be tough to get b/c the Bills will certainly want to keep him after losing Winfield last year. I think Holliday and McCleon are certainly gone after this season. Probably Maz, too, unfortunately. Maz isn't the best athlete, but he's SMART, which is a big problem on our D IMHO.