View Full Version : A chiefsplanet Bowl Challenge?

12-14-2004, 11:15 AM
Would you guys be interested in doing something like this?

We could all do $5. Payout 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Maybe 60% to 1st, 30% to 2nd, and 10% to 3rd??? All money's going back to participants in winnings.

Picks have to be in today. Is there a poster here everyone can trust to run this? We could post our picks here (you can't go back in and change picks after making an initial post without the edit tag showing up, can you?) and then we'd have to mail our $5 to one poster who would handle all the money. Anyone willing to take on this task?

In order to play, picks would have to be posted by 6:00 CST today, and your $5 mailed to the poster willing to take on the task and someone everyone here can trust, postmarked before or on Friday, December 17.

You'd just have to post the name of the team you are picking, and then the total points for the Orange Bowl!

12/14 Southern Miss -5.5 North Texas

12/21 Georgia Tech -5 Syracuse

12/22 Bowling Green -5 Memphis

12/23 Cincinnati -2 Marshall

12/23 UCLA -12.5 Wyoming

12/24 Hawaii -3.5 Ala.-Birm

12/27 Virginia -5.5 Fresno St.

12/27 Toledo -3.5 UConn

12/28 Miami(Ohio) -3 Iowa St.

12/28 Oregon St. -3.5 Notre Dame

12/29 Colorado -3 UTEP

12/29 Oklahoma St. -2 Ohio St.

12/30 North Carolina -3.5 Boston College

12/30 New Mexico -2 Navy

12/30 California -11.5 Texas Tech

12/30 Northern Illinois -1 Troy

12/31 Alabama -3.5 Minnesota

12/31 Purdue -7 Arizona St.

12/31 Louisville -14 Boise St.

12/31 Miami -2.5 Florida

1/1 Gerogia -7 Wisconsin

1/1 Texas A&M -3 Tennessee

1/1 Florida St. -8 West Virginia

1/1 LSU -6.5 Iowa

1/1 Texas -5.5 Michigan

1/1 Utah -16.5 Pittsburgh

1/3 Auburn -7 Virginia Tech

1/4 USC -3 Oklahoma


Would there be any wiling participants, or a poster willing to take on this daunting task? :(