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12-14-2004, 12:01 PM
Here's an advanced copy of this week's Doggity report. This report and last week's Raider report will be posted this evening on my website's chiefs page at:

BTW: Mr. Doggity wants to clarify he is NOT Rufus Dawes, nor does he play Rufus on TV:

The Doggity Chiefs Report Week 13 - 2004
Chiefs vs Oilers – The Coliseum that is no longer named for a criminal enterprise, Nashville, TN

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Overview – What’s that smell? I think someone burned a bushel of cornerbacks. At the beginning of the season, this looked like a pretty good match up that would have playoff implications. Buzzzzzzzzzz. Wrong! Did anyone actually see a defensive back last night? I missed it if there was one. Gunther went from the Titans to the Chiefs and BOTH defenses got worse! How did that happen? The league claims to like scoring. Well commish, you should absolutely giddy over this
mess. A mere 87 points and seven turnovers, and believe it or not both teams actually punted a couple of times. But at least Tennessee didn’t mess up their draft pick.

Offense – Larry “Seldom Seen” Johnson was the story of this evening. Only a 14.9 yard per carry average and two scores. I’d call that pretty good. Blaylock floundered as Jordan Black struggled at right tackle in his first NFL start. Tony Richardson had a rare off night with a few “look out” blocks and a fumble. Trent was as good as he needed to be – and more importantly – WHEN he needed to be. Kennison has come on in the last few weeks as a serious deep threat. Granted, it
helps when nobody covers you. Was that not the silliest looking thing you have seen in a professional sporting event in years? How on earth did he get out there with no one even in the same county? There were beer vendors closer to Kennison than the nearest Titan.

Defense – Man this is a bad defense. Only KC can make Ronald Curry Drew Bennett look like Jerry Rice. Sorry, I borrowed that line from last week’s Doggity. Why not? Hey, look Curry and Bennett are both nice little receivers, and would look good in a red shirt next year. Still, not even Randy Moss puts up 233 yards and three touchdowns. Especially with the backup quarterback. What the heck is a Billy Volek, anyway? An undrafted free agent who used to back up David Carr
for the Fresno State Bulldogs should not light up your secondary like Peyton Manning. The only thing that bailed out these guys was Tennessee’s bad habit of putting the ball on the ground. Without the four fumbles – one for a score – this game goes the other direction. Give Kawika Mitchell a little credit for two recoveries and a score, but it was more good fortune than good football. Shout out to Jared “Subway” Allen who is the lone bright spot on this D. He picked up
sacks eight and nine – and had number ten called back on a penalty when Toasty Warfield had his hands in somebody’s facemask. The late Derrick Thomas holds the rookie sack record with ten in his inaugural season of 1989. Subway should take that away pretty easily in the next three games.

Special Teams – Kicking remains an issue. Tynes was serviceable last night, but not great. Kickoffs are still too short. The punting was a little better – a 38 yard average. But the Squirrel cage that is the Titan’s special teams had KC off balance all night. Of course you never really know when Tennessee lines up to kick what will come next. The center pitching a lateral to a flanker rather than snapping? And when the Titans actually kicked the ball, it went to about anyone on the field other than Dante Hall.

The AFC West –
KC Chiefs – You rarely see a Rolls Royce share the garage with a Yugo.
Denver Donkeys – Ooooo. They actually somehow managed to squeak by the mighty Dolphins at home!
San Diego Bolts – Donnie Edwards was the hero in this one with a pick-6. Gee, letting Donnie go so we could afford to get our sterling cornerbacks signed looks like a good move now, doesn’t it?
East Bay Convicts – These guys really stink.

Throw Him A Bone Award –
We need to see a lot more of “Seldom Seen”. Larry Johnson sure looks right now like a first round draft pick. With Priest winding down his career and Blaylock a free agent this year, we may just have us a running back. A well-deserved bone for the kid.

The Doggity Dog –
Crispy Bartee wins back-to-back Dogs. As awful as he was covering Curry – he was much worse against Bennett. Against two number two receivers and backup quarterbacks in consecutive weeks, he was repeatedly torched. I cannot recall a d-back ever looking as bad as Crispy did last night. I think the Bartee experiment is over. This guy cannot play corner in the NFL. Period.

Tailgate Recipe of the Week –
Down South this week calls for Ol’ Doc Crow’s cole slaw. My old pal Dr. Page Crow submits this tasty side. Page says Emo would love it.
Doc Crow’s Cole Slaw
4 cups chopped cabbage – green or red (or mix them up!)
2 cups chopped apples. (crisp, not mealy)
1 cup chopped celery
1 cup toasted walnuts
1 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp Dijon mustard
2 Tbsp honey
1 Tbsp salad oil
1/4 cup lemon juice
Mix, chill and serve.

Send your recipes to the Dog, by e-mail or fax them to 913-831-1307.

Next week –
Jake the Joke and the Donkeys visit the Head. FYI, the game was moved from 3:00 to noon central!

Your faithful scribe,
Mr. Doggity