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12-15-2004, 01:35 PM
Saw some daft discussion on one of the college football shows and there was one of the talking heads (I dont know who, I dont follow college football all that closely) mention that Jackson was a stud who was going to be ahead of Rolle on a few teams' draft boards come this spring, due to the way Miami's secondary didn't finish the season playing at a high level.

Sounded to me like he's supposed to be the real deal, maybe he could be an option in the middle of the first round.

6-1, 196lbs., 4.40 40yd.

Strengths: Great size...Excellent athlete...Very physical and aggressive...Good speed with the ability to close in a hurry...Really steps up and rises to the occasion when facing top wideouts.

Weaknesses: Had a down junior season when he was moved to safety...Character might be a concern after some off the field troubles in 2003...Inconsistent at times and may lack top awareness.

Notes: Bounced back nicely as a senior when he made the move back to his natural cornerback position...Should vie to be either the second or third cornerback off the board come April of '05.


Marlin Jackson CB Michigan 6í1 196
By: Robert Davis

Marlin Jackson has racked up some prestigious honors during his time at Michigan. Heís been a Playboy All American, a Jim Thorpe candidate, and has been named to numerous other All American lists. During his junior year he lined up at the free safety position, and he totaled 50 tackles(1 for loss), 2 INT and 4 pass breakups despite missing 4 games on the season. Jackson started all 13 games during his sophomore season at corner and tallied 51tackles(5 for loss), 3 INT, and 18 pass break ups. Jackson was even a big contributor as a freshman, starting 7 games and finishing with 47 tackles and 3 INT.

Marlin Jackson is a great defensive back prospect, possessing all the skills necessary to be a standout corner at the next level. Jackson is a very good athlete, with good speed, showing the ability to turn and run with players. He has good size, and will attack the line of scrimmage in the run game. Jackson brings a lot of versatility to the field, as he played corner his first two seasons at Michigan, switched to safety his junior year, and back to corner again this season.

There really arenít any real physical weaknesses in Jacksonís game. He did have an incident in 2003 where he pleaded guilty for aggravated assault, a notch below the felony charge he was initially charged with. That is an incident that is going to be heavily scrutinized as the draft draws closer, and may play a role in exactly where Jackson ends up being drafted.

Jackson looks like he has a bright NFL future ahead of him. His game reminds me of fellow Wolverine Charles Woodson, though he will not be drafted as high as Woodson was. Marlin could hear his name called in the Top 20 picks, but his ultimate draft position will be determined by how teams judge him after the off the field incident in 2003.


Marlin Jackson is a rare individual, blessed with immense physical talent, but cursed with a past he can't run from fast enough. It's why that when he had the chance to declare his eligibility for the 2004 draft and didn't, Jackson continues to prove that he's a one-of-kind prospect.

Jackson has all the ability and raw materials one might need when constructing the ideal cornerback. Big, strong, fast and flexible are words that only begin to describe how he plays on the field for the Wolverines. Yet he's back for one more season at Ann Arbor, in part to earn his degree, but also to prove once and for all that he has matured into the best defensive back in college football.

The funny thing is Jackson might have been the best defensive back before the 2003 season, too. But after earning a one-year probation following an assault accusation, missing four games due to various leg injuries, plus an odd switch from corner to safety, Jackson's last hurrah at Michigan was not quite what he had hoped for himself.

Jackson is back home at corner in 2004, and he re-assumes the role of the best cover player in the nation. At corner, he is rarely challenged, and he dupes opposing quarterbacks into throwing his way only to show off his impressive closing speed. Jackson may gamble a bit much, but he's already got what it takes to be an immediate starter in 2005.

(profile written by Keith Weiland)

12-15-2004, 01:38 PM
Uh oh..he doesn't fit the "Profile".

Red Dawg
12-15-2004, 01:50 PM
The hell with the profile.

12-15-2004, 01:55 PM
3 DUI's is okay, but breaking a bottle over someone's face isn't? It's such a fine line between profile and derelict.

Actually, despite the off-field altercation, he really is a team player. He had a great sophomore year and teams stopped throwing his direction (in college their is such thing as a shut-down corner) so the team moved him to safety his junior year. No college CB who is good likes to move to safety because it will hurt your draft chances, but he did it with no complaints. Now, he's back at corner where he belongs and has played well.

12-15-2004, 02:37 PM
He's had to deal with injuries as well. I've never been high on him, but I wouldn't be totally opposed to taking him if our draft slot stays about where it currently is.