View Full Version : 2005 Off Season Plan

12-17-2004, 01:01 AM
Ok here is what needs to be done.

Our needs:
#1 CB
Starting MLB
All Around DE
#1 WR
Future Stud OL
Depth on Defense

Free Agency:
WR Plaxico Burress
CB Gary Baxter
MLB Rocky Calmus
CB Renadlo Hill

1st and 2nd Rounds of Draft
DE Marcus Spears
FS Donte Nicholson

Jerome Woods
Vonnie Holliday
William Bartee
Dexter McCleon
Eric Hicks
Johnnie Morton

Depth Chart
WR Kennison, Hall, TBD
LT Roaf, tbd
LG Waters, Williams
C Weigmann, tbd
RG Shields, Welbourn
RT Black, Bober
TE Gonzalez, Dunn, Wilson
WR Burress, Parker, Boerichter
QB Green, Collins, TBD
RB Holmes, LJ, TBD
FB Richardson, TBD

DE Allen, Stills
DT Sims, Junior
DT Dalton, Browning
DE Spears, Wilkerson
LB Fujitia, Caver
LB Calmus, Mitchell
LB Barber, Beisel
CB Baxter, Sapp, Battle
CB Warfield, Hill
SS Wesley, Pile
FS Harts, Nicholson

12-17-2004, 04:01 AM
nah, wouldn't happen, Carl has too much money invested in Morton and Kennison to go after another WR and we are content with our secondary. Mitchell was a 2nd round draft choice and I'm pretty sure that the coaching staff and CP don't want to look like they think they drafted bad, so going after a LB and WR are out of the question. Vermeil is high on Bartee, it's possible we could go after a nickel backer, maybe. and I think that the best move we will make will be a guy like Antuan Edwards or a Corey Bradford, something like that.

12-17-2004, 06:54 AM
Our WRs suck, but they are not problems.

This is DV's last year. I'm assuming we're gearing up for one last shot at the Lombardi. We need all defense. Screw Oline and WR. We can't "waste" money on them.