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12-17-2004, 09:00 PM

Q&A with Dick Vermeil
Dec 17, 2004, 6:20:20 AM


BOB GRETZ: This has got to be one of the toughest weeks of the year coming home from a road game Monday night. Your week is short, your guys got back early the next morning.

DICK VERMEIL: “It is very tough, tougher on the coaches actually than it is the players early in the week. We bring the players back in on Wednesday, but not for a normal football practice. We go through a normal routine in terms of practice reps, but we walk through it rather than run through it. We work against ourselves – the offense against the offense and the defense against the defense – and it shortens the practice in half. It’s not like a normal football practice but it is a good normal mental introduction. Still, the coaches have to be prepared and some guys didn’t go to bed.”

GRETZ: But you do have to be careful how much physical time you put these players through after a Monday night game.

VERMEIL: “Yesterday was a full practice and they’ll feel better today. They were moving gingerly yesterday and today’s a normal Friday practice. It gives the other team an advantage, but everyone goes through it. I wouldn’t trade the experience. To win on Monday night is great and we won two games on Monday night and that’s tough to do.”

GRETZ: Broncos-Chiefs is always intense and now this week Denver’s defensive coordinator Larry Coyer for some reason is talking about your offensive line, calling them cheaters, the worst holders in the NFL. What’s your reaction?

VERMEIL: “I don’t over-react to that kind of stuff. I think all coaches get frustrated when they see positions holding. I get frustrated when I see offensive linemen holding. We coach against holding, our guys do hold some, but less now than when we played them early in the year because I’ve watched that film extensively this week. We did some holding, yeah, but their offensive line does a lot of holding. In fact, they’re notorious for it. But they do it in a very inconspicuous way. They’re better more educated holders. In some ways it hurts the integrity of the game. Years back when they allowed the hands to go out from the body and be used you opened the door for it. The umpires today don’t call anything.”

GRETZ: But all it does is add another log to a fire that was burning pretty bright now. Your team would love to knock them out, improve on a two-game streak, and you are at home.

VERMEIL: “It’ll it be one of our toughest games. They’re the best defensive team we play. In our match-ups we have some problems. I give them credit for doing a great job with their defense and coach Coyer does a great job. He’s a great buddy of Greg Robinson, so I know him through Greg. They have mutual respect. I think the whole squabble over holding is something to stimulate interest and try to get some penalties called.”