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12-18-2004, 02:38 PM
Good story from www.kcstar.com. Personally, Eddie has been pretty solid overall for this team. Hes nothing "special" but im thankful for his service for the past 4 seasons. Id rather keep him over Morton because he has more big play ability.


Not bitter, just better

Kennison over the hurt; now he's causing pain


The Kansas City Star

Chiefs wide receiver Eddie Kennison had nothing but daggers to throw at his former coach this time last year.

Kennison might just send a little love to Broncos coach Mike Shanahan when the teams meet Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.

The two have kissed and made up over a feud started three years ago when Shanahan and the Broncos released Kennison in the middle of the season. The reconciliation was fueled by comments from Kennison last December when shortly before a Chiefs-Broncos game he went on a locker-room tirade critical of almost everything in Colorado except the Rocky Mountains.

But Kennison called Shanahan with regrets in September before the teams played in the season opener in Denver.

的 was in the wrong for the things I said about him and the organization,'' Kennison said. 的t was only right by God and right by me to call him and apologize. We had a nice conversation on the phone and at the game. I even spoke to him after the game in Denver.

的t wasn't hard to do. When you know things are supposed to be made right, it isn't hard.''

Shanahan indicated this week that he appreciated Kennison's gesture.

的t's really a credit to him how he handled himself beforehand and afterward,'' he said. 的 won't go through that conversation, but I was pretty impressed with how he handled himself. Everyone goes through some tough times. As I've said all along, I think Eddie Kennison is a very good person. I just think he went through a tough time when he was here.

Shanahan might appreciate it more if Kennison goes easy Sunday on the 8-5 Broncos, who are fighting for a playoff spot.

Kennison is on the best streak of his NFL career. In the last six games, Kennison has three 100-yard games and six touchdowns. He caught the game-winning score in the fourth quarter in the last two games against Oakland and Tennessee.

Kennison's streak, as well as Johnnie Morton's best season since joining the Chiefs, eased to a degree the Chiefs' angst over their future at wide receiver. But Kennison will be 32 in January and Morton 34 in October, so the situation will need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

展e've still got to look to the future,'' president/general manager Carl Peterson said. 典he obvious is we've got other needs. But we'll certainly look at a very talented wide receiver if he's there. We'd have to.''

If Kennison keeps playing as he is, he will fend off any challenge to his job. Kennison has a healthy 18.5-yard-per-catch average, which is among the league leaders. He has 15 of the 48 Chiefs pass plays of 20 yards or more.

There's no telling where Kennison might be if he hadn't fumbled after making long catches against Denver and Tampa Bay.

的 definitely feel good about what's going on,'' he said. 的t's not really for me to say if they're going to get another receiver. (Lamar) Hunt and Mr. Peterson and coach (Dick) Vermeil are going to do the things they feel are necessary. Whatever they do and whoever they bring in, the only thing I can do about it is to keep fighting for the thing I love to do and that's playing football and being a receiver. I'll never lose my passion for that.''

Kennison's streak is more a function of circumstances and defensive coverage, or lack of it. On a couple of his long touchdowns, a 65-yarder against New England and the 58-yarder Monday night in Tennessee, the coverage inexplicably didn't account for Kennison and left him alone.

In Oakland, Raiders safety Stuart Schweigert tried to punch the ball out and make Kennison fumble after his catch rather than try for a tackle. He failed and allowed Kennison to run to the end zone to complete the 70-yard play.

典his offense is based on reads,'' quarterback Trent Green said. 典here are times when you call certain plays because you're trying to get one person involved more than another. It just so happens he's the guy who's come up with the big plays.

滴e's on a nice streak right now.''

Kennison, with 833 yards, is pushing for 1,000, a benchmark for wide receivers. It would be a career first.

的'd like to see him get over 1,000 yards,'' Vermeil said. 滴e's done everything a coach can ask him to do. It will be more of a test this week. It's a better secondary than we've seen.''

Kennison is finally delivering on the promise of his rookie season with St. Louis in 1996, when he had career highs of 924 yards and nine touchdowns. Since then, he's produced decent numbers for the Rams, Saints, Bears, Broncos and Chiefs, but nothing like this.

展hen you come out as a rookie and do the things he did, the expectations are going to be very high,'' said John Hamilton, Kennison's agent. 滴e's had a good career, but everybody wants to judge him based on that first year. Now he's finally surpassing that. He's playing at a higher level. He's just getting better.

的t's gets to a point for a receiver where you get along in your career and you figure some things out about the position. If your skill level is still high, all of it comes together. That's what's happening with him.''

12-18-2004, 02:52 PM
的 was in the wrong for the things I said about him and the organization,'' Kennison said.

No no. Don't let Vermeil's nice guy approach wear off on you to the point where say silly shit like this.

12-18-2004, 02:56 PM
He'd have a 1000 yards easy if he caught those drops.

12-18-2004, 07:43 PM
He'd have a 1000 yards easy if he caught those drops.

True, Id like to keep him though. If we had a young, sure-handed, talented reciever like a Mike Williams to pair him with, he would be a great #2 reciever.

12-18-2004, 07:49 PM
He'd have a 1000 yards easy if he caught those drops.

I don't think Kennison has that many drops this year but he did sit out a couple of games. If he'd played in those game he'd have a 1000 yards already.

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