12-19-2004, 03:49 PM
All of you "play for draft pick" people can kiss my skinny ass! Tell me this win today did/does not feel just f#cking awesome. Go ahead, say it, I triple dog dare ya'. BOOYA BABY! When was the last time we just completely trounced Denver? When? When was the last time that they were out of the game by half time when playing us? We kicked their asses up and down the field today. Today Denver had the game that we have had most of the season. The ball did not bounce their way, the calls did not go their way, and it was them who kept shooting their own feet instead of us. Plummer looked like an inept school girl out there. God, this is awesome! You just knew it was going to be a good day from opening kick off. Dante makes the donks his personal bitches yet again. And watching Kennison make Portis his personal bitch twice in the endzone was just as sweet. I'm as pumped, or maybe more so, as I was after the raider game. BOOYA MUTHERF#CKER! BOO F#CKING YA!

Closing thoughts -

Any idiot associated with the donks who accuses the Chiefs O-line of being cheaters is not only a hypocrite, but a f#cking douche wad who needs to be eliminated from the species, lest he/she breeds.

Portis for Bailey was a bad decision.

May the Rat forever be the donks head coach.

I piss on Elway's future grave.