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12-20-2004, 07:33 AM
Thanks to the team's screw-ups earlier in the year, we are basically left with this type of speculation this late in December. I've always thought one had to be careful in evaluating talent in some fairly meaningless games, but based on what we've seen so far this year, here is what I'd do to this Chiefs' team (salary cap not taken into account except for additions)


QB--Trent's the man and Collins would probably be ok for a small stretch. Green is playing well and likely will next season, but who knows when an injury can happen? Need to find that young stud to groom IMHO, likely through the draft. Why keep a spot for Damon Huard? If we get to the 3rd QB in a game, the game is likely to be lost regardless.

RB--Set. I think Blaylock would come back. He isn't going to get starter money anywhere and he is a valuable contributor to special teams. Priest, LJ and Blaylock is as strong as it gets in the league. Sign Derrick but don't break the bank.

FB--TRich will likely go again, but a good backup should be looked for. What was the name of that guy in camp that seemed to pound people into submission? Free agent pickup with good special teams ability.

WR--Drop Morton. He's old and will be hindering the development and production of two WR who are probably better than him now or soon will be (Parker and Boerigter). Kennison is a keeper as is Hall. Richard Smith, Horn or a FA pickup (Cincy's T.J. Houshmenzadah?) There's your five. I would tend to stand with the five on the roster. The O is one of the league's best for three straight years with VERY average WR. Focus on the defense already.

TE--Gonzo, Dunn, and Wilson. Toguh to find three better. I hope Wilson starts to show more.

OL--The fab four should return and be the best in the league. With Bober, Welbourn, and Black as the backups, little needs to be added here. Regardless, mid-to late round selections for lineman are always a good idea.

Summary: If a WR can be had cheap in FA get him, if not, no big deal. Think of spending some draft picks on OL and QB and pick up a FA FB.


DT--I may be one of the few who think Sims, Siavaii, Dalton and Browning are not a bad rotation at all. Time to let them grow as a group. Enough draft picks have been spent on this position and it is at least solid this year.

DE--Allen was a steal and Hicks will be kept due to the pictures he has of DV's wife. Actually, Hicks would be ok to keep---as depth. A top notch pass rushing end to pair with Allen would be nice use of the first round pick. Contrary to perception, decent players---even probowlers and HOFamers---have been drafted outside the top 15 picks.

LB--What a perplexing, disapointing group. Of the current group---Mitchell, Biesel, Mazlowski, Barber, Fujita, Stills, Caver, Fox---non have shown to be anything special and a few--Stills, Biesel, and MZ have shown to be excellent special teams players. They may latch on because of that, but shouldn't only for that reason. As for the rest of them, some tough decisions will need to be made. Fox, just finishing his rookie year will be kept as will Mitchell who has steadily improved IMO. Barber and Fujita, while talented, haven't WOWed me like they should. A couple draft picks at this position is a minimum as well as some FA looks.

CB--Warfield and Sapp. Anyone else can be let go IMHO and I wouldn't cry a tear. Maybe put Battle back at safety ala Woods circa 1997. Bye-bye Bartee and McCLeon.

Safety--I like all four guys--Woods, Wesley, Pile and Harts but stellar play from this grup has been lacking all year. My decision--drop Woods and put Battle in his postion

Kicker and Punter--Drop both and start over. Still think a low second rounder is too much for a good kicker DV?

Summary--Draft needs to look for CB, DE and 2-3 LBs. A Punter or kicker would be good as well.

Spend the draft looking for DE, CB, OL, QB, LB and K or P

FA look for Everything

12-20-2004, 07:52 AM
I pretty much agree with all of this, but I think Tynes is doing OK and will improve. Cheek stunk it up bad yesterday. And Maz should be sent packing ASAP.

12-20-2004, 08:20 AM
Cheek maybe wind issue yesterday? But through out the year avg. Punter would be a good pickup to ensure better field position for D.

Maz is done, admit it. Need a MLB badly.

Rest of eval seems on target.