View Full Version : Chiefs schizoid 2004 season recap to date

12-24-2004, 10:05 PM
Discussing the 2004 season to date leaves me in a bad mental state, so I use the Planet as my therapy or leather couch if you will ...

-Fortunately the Chiefs got rid of GRob prior to the season start so we could assess whether the defensive shortcomings were "scheme or talent"...unfortunatley, this year we found out that is was BOTH scheme AND talent that were killing us.

-Fortunately, the offense is having a great season for the 3rd straight year so we can see exciting high scoring games...unfortunately, the d is having as bad of year for the 3rd straight year and it is just sad to see "defensive homers" begrudgingly become "offensive homers" (see Gaz).

-Fortunately, we have a good shot at finishing at .500 with a non-losing 8-8 season...unfortunately, we have a shot at finishing at .500 with a non-winning 8-8 season seriously hurting our chances at a top 10 defensive draft pick.

-Fortunately, even if we don't get a top 10 pick, it will be fairly decent...unfortunately, Carl will still have the ultimate final decision in personel matters.

So, you can see why my mental state is fragile. This season has been fairly decent...errr...I mean farily bad...good....bad...

Damn, I need to go take my medication.
Happy Holidays,