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12-27-2004, 11:03 AM
Here's the advance copy of the Doggity Report for Raiders Vs.Chiefs. Mr. Doggity just got back from Christmas on the farm, and is back to his computer today. The report will be posted tonight at my website. You can read previous Mr. Doggity reports there too: http://www.georgeblowfish.com.

The Doggity Chiefs Report
Week 15 - 2004
Chiefs vs Convicts - The Head, Kansas City, MO

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Overview - Thirty-three years ago Saturday, I was sitting in front of the
blonde wood cabinet of my grandma's Grundig HiFi for six quarters listening
to Bill Grigsby call the longest game in NFL history. The last time they
played a Christmas Day game in KC, it was the last event to be held at the
old Municipal Stadium before Arrowhead opened. Ed Podolak set a record with
350 yards in the game - a record that will likely never be broken. But my
heart was broken by Dolphin kicker Garo Yepremian, at the 82 minute, 40
second mark in the second overtime. Today, KC's kicker blew two - but made
the one that counted. Beating Al "Squiggy" Davis and the pathetic Raiders
has lost some of its luster ... but it is still fun. As torn as I am about
winning these meaningless end-of-the-year games, this one was at least
entertaining. Also, despite the win, it underscored the team's weaknesses
against a really stinky Oakland team. This should prove that myriad problems
remain. Yes, we all know that at least half of the starters on this defense
must be replaced or seriously improved next year. But the problems are not
exclusively on that side of the ball. The kicking game made an improvement
replacing Steve Cheek with Nick Murphy - the former Arizona State standout.
Still, Tynes needs to get better or get out. He missed two field goals
(Yeah, I know one was blocked) and his kickoffs were sporadic. The offense
is not without its issues, either. Trent's two turnovers and mis-management
of the two-minute drill could have cost the game, had it not been played
against the self-destructive 12-penalties-per-game Faders. The funniest
joke of the day - Ray Crockett was whining that T-Rich is going to Hawaii
when he thought he should have gone. Puh-lease. Sit down and shut up, Ray.

Offense - The justifiably renowned O-line with its three Pro-Bowlers had a
rare off day. The holes that had preceded Chiefs backs from Priest to
Blaylock to Johnson were not there on Saturday. The outstanding pass
protection collapsed on several critical plays. T-Rich and Dunn were used to
prop up particularly the inexperienced Jordan Black on the right end of the
line. That took them out of the offense on passing downs. Johnson was kept
short of the century mark for the first game since he was sent in to replace
Blaylock, but he still found the goal line twice. Give Trent credit. He made
some mistakes, but his gaffes are generally from trying too hard - rather
than the Elvis-Bono-Kenney pant wetting errors we have seen here in the
past. Sammie Parker is coming on strong. He looks like he's 14, but he
tip-toes the sideline like Jerry Rice. I think he and Kris Wilson - along
with the return of Boerigter next year makes Morton expendable - if the cap
permits - and means we don't have to focus on wideouts in the off season.
Finally - saving the best for last - Tony Gonzalez had a career day. Eleven
grabs for a buck and a quarter and two TDs - not to mention giving the Dog
18 fantasy points! Tony was the Ed Pololak of this game.

Defense - The problems continue with the linebackers, the secondary and the
inconsistent push on the line. Being in the doghouse last week must have
motivated Kawika Mitchell. He played a much better game. He was more
disciplined and involved in 9 tackles - leading all defenders on both sides.
Despite some breakdowns, it was nice to see linebackers as the top three
tacklers for the Chiefs. Benny Sapp may be exciting, but he still isn't very
good. He redeemed himself somewhat with the game ending "lookie what I
found" pick of a two-seconds-left desperation pass, but stupid penalties by
Sapp wiped out Jared Allen's sack, and a recovered fumble on a punt. He also
let Whitted get behind him on a big third-a-mile play at the end of the
first half - giving Oakland a score to tie the game before the half ended.
Congrats to Subway for getting his ninth sack - one away from DT's rookie
record. On a related note, I really wish someone would explain to me what
currently constitutes defensive holding and illegal contact. I mean, I know
what the rule says, but there is no consistency in the way it is called. Not
just a discrepancy from game-to-game, but from play-to-play in the same game
- even by the same official.

Special Teams - An inauspicious start with the blocked kick, and a couple of
really short kickoffs gave way to a strong finish by the special kids. The
special teams were pretty bad until the fourth quarter - but they made up
for it. From the new guy, Nick Murphy's 58-yard punt to Dante's monster
kickoff return up the gut to set up the game-winning field goal, to Tynes'
game winner, hand it to Crash Jr.'s boys. They weren't good except when they
had to be - but when it mattered most, they bucked up and made the plays.

The AFC West -
KC Chiefs - Squeaked out a win over the hapless Faders.

Denver Donkeys - The Donkeys took their turn kicking the beat-up Titans
while they're down.

San Diego Bolts - In the game of the week - the Bolts lose in OT on the road
to the Colts.

East Bay Convicts - To their credit, they haven't laid down. They still

Throw Him A Bone Award -
Unlike last week, this week was easy. Gonzo had his best game of his
Hall-of-Fame career. He has become unstoppable. Oakland double, and even
triple-teamed Tony and it just didn't matter. The best picture of this game
I saw was in the Sunday KC Star that showed TG breaking a tackle attempt by
Ray Buchanan. The Oakland free safety was literally off his feet, upside
down being stiff-armed head first into the ground while trying in vain to
tackle Gonzalez. It doesn't matter where I throw this bone, Gonzo will come
down with it.

The Doggity Dog -
Despite the game-ending pick of the Collins Hail Mary, Benny Sapp had a
rough day. Welcome to the secondary's house, rookie - the doghouse. Next
week, try to keep your hands off receivers after five yards, stay inbounds
and keep the mediocre wideout you've been assigned in front of you on
third-and-long with 24 seconds left in the half. Don't think of this as
punishment, rookie. It's obedience training.

Tailgate Recipe of the Week -
A warm drink for a cold tailgate - Cappuccino Eggnog!
6 beaten eggs
2 cups milk
1/3 cup sugar
1 tablespoon instant espresso powder or 4 teaspoons instant coffee crystals
1/4 cup light rum or milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup whipping cream
2 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons finely shredded orange peel
10 long cinnamon sticks
4 shots of rum, brandy, Irish crème or coffee liquor (optional)

1. In a large, heavy saucepan mix eggs, milk, the 1/3 cup sugar, and
espresso or coffee. Cook and stir over medium heat about 8 minutes or until
mixture coats a metal spoon. Remove from heat. Cool quickly by placing pan
in a sink or bowl of ice water and stirring for 1 to 2 minutes. Stir in rum
or milk and vanilla. Cover surface with plastic wrap. Chill 4 to 24 hours.

2. At serving time, in a medium mixing bowl beat whipping cream and the 2
tablespoons sugar with an electric mixer on medium speed until soft peaks
form. Transfer chilled egg mixture to a punch bowl. Fold in whipped cream
mixture. Serve at once. Sprinkle each serving with shredded orange peel and
serve with cinnamon sticks. Makes ten 4-ounce servings (11 oz with the

Send your recipes to the Dog, by e-mail or fax them to 913-831-1307.

Next week -
Out to sunny San Diego to try to finish at .500 against Marty and the AFC
West Champs.

Your faithful scribe,
Mr. Doggity