View Full Version : Yankees Should Sit Out a Year For Humanitairan Aid

12-28-2004, 08:46 PM
Think about this: So far, the US Government has pledged $35 million to help the poorer nations of the world recover from the killer earthquake/tsunami in Asia. So far more than 63,000 have been estimated killed, with many more at risk from disease following the disaster.

$35 million. The NY Yankee's 2003 payroll was $164 million. IMHO, The Yankees could take a year off, donate their payroll, and increase US disaster aid 4 1/2 times over what's currently being offered. It simply shows the amazing amount of money pro athletes make, and the possibilities for those resources.

I know other countries don't run to our aid when we have hurricanes and tornadoes, but it seems pretty messed up to have a 25-man baseball roster pocket 4 1/2 times more than what we're able to give in aid as a nation to places that genuinely and desperately need help. Just a little New Years food for thought.