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dirk digler
01-10-2005, 12:07 PM
No surprise here.

Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS -- Peyton Manning's phenomenal season earned him his second straight Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player Award. He was nearly a unanimous choice.

The Indianapolis Colts' star quarterback, who surpassed Dan Marino and Steve Young with his passing prowess in 2004, earned all but one of 48 votes from a national panel of sports writers and broadcasters who cover pro football. Manning tied with Steve McNair for the award last season, but this time only Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick drew a vote.

Manning joined the likes of Joe Montana, John Unitas, Steve Young and Kurt Warner as quarterbacks with two MVP awards. Brett Favre is the only player to win it three times.

"Individually, I accomplished a lot in a short period of time," Manning said. "But no question, we did not win a Super Bowl in the time I've been here as a quarterback."

Ever the team man, and ever championship-oriented, Manning refuses to concentrate on his statistics. He might have thrown for 49 touchdowns, surpassing Dan Marino's 20-year-old NFL record. And he may have shattered Young's passer rating record with a 121.1 mark. And he might have established other league marks and a bunch more team records.

But to Manning, unless it all culminates in a championship, it's not what he's after.

"Just because you played well in Week 2 or Week 10 doesn't mean anything for the playoffs," Manning said. "Except that you're capable of doing it."

Manning was capable of doing almost anything in leading the Colts to a 12-4 record and the AFC South title. They routed Denver 49-24 in the first round of the playoffs -- the MVP voting was held before the postseason -- and play at New England on Sunday.

He also turned two of his previously unaccomplished receivers, Reggie Wayne and Brandon Stokley, into threats almost on a par with Manning's favorite target, perennial Pro Bowler Marvin Harrison. All caught at least 10 touchdown passes and went over 1,000 yards in receiving -- an unprecedented combination for three teammates.

"Peyton is such a competitor, he has such high expectations to go out and win," Wayne said. "You want to make a play for him and bail him out of tough situations."

Tough situations? Manning tends to make everything look easy.

Sort of like Young and Montana and Unitas and Warner and Favre did. But all of them have that championship along with their MVPs. Manning doesn't.

And it drives him to do even more.

01-10-2005, 12:13 PM
No way. It should be Jake Montanaerrr that guy who QB's the Donkos.

dirk digler
01-10-2005, 12:16 PM
No way. It should be Jake Montanaerrr that guy who QB's the Donkos.