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Kris Kringle
01-13-2005, 10:51 AM
Well, the BB seems to be dead and/or boring right now. Maybe I'm a little depressed too. I don't have much desire to talk about the NFL right now since the Chiefs are out of the playoffs. This thread is my attempt to get us all back into thinking and discussing the NFL that we love so much. I don't know if you guys are in the mood to discuss this or not, but here it goes...............

What are your predictions for this weekend's playoff games? Who are you rooting for / against and why?

Here are mine:


Philly v. Vikes
-- I want Philly to win because I want them to lose next week. I don't like Philly and I think it'll be more painful for them to lose next week than this week.
-- I want the Vikes to lose. I don't have really deep feelings one way or the other for this team. Randy Moss bugs me, but I respect his talent and DON'T want him to become a Raider. I don't think Mike Tice is a good coach.
Prediction -- Vikes

Rams v. Falcons
-- Very simple.........I want the Rams to get destroyed!! Why? I despise them!! They got lucky to get into the playoffs and got lucky to draw and easy first week opponent. I personally think they are a fraud. But, on the other hand, and somewhat hypocritically, I must say that they do have the firepower to beat Atlanta. So, I wouldn't be shocked if they win.
-- I want Atlanta win. I don't care about this team one way or the other. I would just like watching Vick play another week.
Prediction -- Falcons

AFC --

Jets v. Steelers
-- I have it easy on this game. I won't mind if either team wins. I have strong NY ties and root for the NY Jets every year. I wouldn't mind them winning.
-- On the other hand, I like the Steelers and Cowher. Ultimately, I want them to win. I think they'll trounce the Jets. The Jets barely got by San Diego. The Steelers are twice as good as Sand Diego. I'm rooting for the Steelers to go all the way.
Prediction -- Steelers

Colts v. New England
-- I HATE the Colts as a team. I respect individuals like Manning, Harrison and Dungy. But, as a team, I despise them. I want them to lose. New England knows how to win when the chips are down. I hope they do.
-- The Colts may have too much firepower for NE. I hope Bellicick figures out a way to confuse Manning and win. I'd much prefer NE than Indy in the next round.
Prediction -- Colts

01-13-2005, 11:10 AM
Jets vs Steelers

This should be a great game, the last time they met it was a low scoring slug fest.

I think the Jets have a chance but the Steelers pull it out and win by a FG.

Philly vs Vikings

I like the the Vikings if Moss is 100% but I don't think he will be so Philly wins by 7. I think Philly really has to make a commitment to running the ball and getting their TE's and RB involved in the passing game. Also McNabb needs to runn the ball.

Indy vs Pats

I think this will be a dog fight. The Pats want the field to suck, but I think it will backfire. Indy comes in and runs the ball like they did in the opeaner. Edge is the better running back, pluss if they get him going early it should open some big plays in the passing game. I think Indy wins but the Pats put up a good fight.

Ravs vs Atl.

I think the Rams offense will continue to roll and Marshall Faulk has a good game here. I think if the Rams can put the heat on Vick and the Falcons to score they should be in good shape. I think it will look like the Rams blow them out but Vick comes back in the second half but falls short.

Championship games

Indy at Steelers

Rams at Philly

01-13-2005, 11:28 AM
My predictions:

-NE will win against INDY-Want NE to win simply cause Vanderjat has his footin
his mouth. Vanderjat quote, "NE is ripe for the
picking". No better way to get NE pumped.

-PIT will win against NYJ-Simple. The Steelers are the best team this year, and
deserved their 15-1 record, top of that, they got the
most complete well balanced team in the league.
Darn good football team.

-ATL will win against STL-I don't like the Rams. They are lucky to be in the
playoffs. Who the hell makes the playoffs with an
8-8 record, and, has a -24 TO ratio, and, with luck
plays a mediocre team like Seattle in the 1st round?
Only in the NFC. Only STL. I don't think there good
and it will catch up to them. ATL smokes them this

-MIN will win against PHI-Simply cause I have to pick an upset. I think Philly
made a mistake not playing McNabb the last 3
weeks. Sure it's good to rest the guy, and not
take any chances(injuries). But, that's where the
rust comes into play. The last thing you want from
your captain is for him to lose rhythm. Let's face it,
he was hot. So why not just play him a little? Not
saying play him entirely, but, don't rest the guy
entirely either. Plus, their best performer all year,
Owens is hurt. And he makes a HUGE difference.
he opens up Westbrooks game. Pinkston and Mitchell
aren't good in the playoffs. Last year was evident.
Philly's defense is ok, not spectacular. they are going
to have their hands full against a Vikes offense.
Which I think, is, one of the best in the league. Moss
is banged up, but, will play and that's what matters.
Vikes have gained confedence, no better way to do it
than winning in the frozen tundra Lambeau Field.
I think it'll be a very close game. But, for some
reason, I gotta gut feeling Minny will be the
cinderella this year.

Kris Kringle
01-13-2005, 12:30 PM
I'm rooting for the Steelers. I don't mind New England or NY Jets.

I'd like to see Atlanta in the Super Bowl. That would be fun to watch.

Kris Kringle
01-13-2005, 01:13 PM
OK. This thread is not going well. I guess we're all depressed and don't feel like talking about it. I can totally understand.

01-13-2005, 01:47 PM
Indy will break the streak.
The steelers are too well rounded for the Jets.
The Eagles will make it to the Conf. Championship game and lose... again.
The Falcons are the most overrated team in the NFL and will drop to the Rams.

01-13-2005, 02:36 PM
Indy will win - after all, they did create a new rule just so they could get the Colts in. It is the "no cornerback is allowed to do his job" rule. It will stop the mugging the Pats put on the Indy receivers last year.

Pittsburg - they realy are a well balanced team that can beat you multiple ways.

Philly - I hate Moss and don't want to see this 4-year-old in a man's body succeed. Not that he realy cares about anything but himself. The ultimate "Me first" guy.

Atlanta - Rams got in on bad officiating again. Lamar Hunt realy needs to talk to Georgia F. to find out who to mail the checks to so he can be like the Rams/Broncos and buy off the officials. Who ever this guy is, I am beginning to think the Rams have a direct deposit account with him.