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02-04-2005, 04:22 PM
I'm trying to share a "To-Do" list through our network for my small business.

Basically what I want is to be able to click a To-Do icon on my system, type the message and be able to click the To-Do icon on the other system to see the additional message.

I've tried using a Word doc, saving it on my Desktop. Then on the other system, opening through the following pathway: network places; c on Brett(name of my system); Docs and Settings; Desktop; Word Doc and paste it on the other system Desktop.

We have ACT, a customer database program that has notes, addresses, phone numbers etc. It has another program with it called SideACT, which is specifically a To-Do program. I tried basically the same process. Open SideACT on one system, type in a note, save in the ACT file on the C: drive. Go over to the other system, open SideACT, open file Network Places; C on Sheila (name of other system); Programs; ACT; SideACT file. In this case Sheila had the orginal file. I've tried it both ways.

What I can't figure out is...Sheila saves the file on her C Drive; Programs; ACT...I go in, through the network, yank the file, make changes, Save As, back through the pipe to her system C drive; Programs; ACT........When she pulls that file, she can see the changes. But when she alters the doc and saves as, when I pull it back up...I DON'T SEE THE FLIPPIN' CHANGES.

I called up ACT support, was on hold for 37 min., cost me $50 for 6.5 min of help, which was you can't do that!


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02-04-2005, 04:49 PM
Question 1: When she pulls that file back up does she see the changes she made to that file? That file might have some sort of write protection on it after you have made changes to it.

Also try it the other way around....pretend you are shiela for a second and basically do everything you said in that last paragraph but backwards and see if you have the same result.

I have no idea about ACT or what-not but I am thinking it is an ownership of the file issue and it stops people from writing on it after it has been modified some how.

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02-04-2005, 05:06 PM
After she makes a change, saves it on her system, then pulls it back up...yes, it shows her changes.

I've tried it for hours, saving it on hers/mine, save, save as...

What gets me, I see the file on her system. I pull up that file on mine, change, re save, she pulls it up, sees the changes. She makes changes, saves, I go pull it up, THERE ARE NO CHANGES. SAME DAMN FILE?

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KC Jones
02-04-2005, 05:16 PM
Try this:


free online todo lists. You can choose to share them or not.

They run that site for free as an advertisement for http://www.basecamphq.com which is an online project management service. It's quite good - beats that piece of shit MS Project.

02-04-2005, 05:22 PM

She changes and saves on her system. File name "To-Do".

I open the file "To-Do", no changes. I close and open "Untitled", different file, close "Untitled", re-open "To-Do" and the changes are shown? WTF

It seems to work if I open a different file first?

Color me puzzled, but that is nothing new for me and computers?

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02-09-2005, 12:02 PM
Forget ACT it's a POS.

If you can edit files on saved on 'her' PC from your PC, and she edit and see changes with Word, Notepad etc just do that.