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02-09-2005, 08:35 AM
Not sure which fourm it should go, but I guess I'll just leave it on the political forum.

Va. Bill Sets Fine for Low-Riding Pants

2 hours, 27 minutes ago Strange News - AP

RICHMOND, Va. - Virginians who wear their pants so low their underwear shows may want to think about investing in a stronger belt.

The state's House of Delegates passed a bill Tuesday authorizing a $50 fine for anyone who displays his or her underpants in a "lewd or indecent manner."

Del. Lionell Spruill Sr., a Democrat who opposed the bill, had pleaded with his colleagues to remember their own youthful fashion follies.

During an extended monologue Monday, he talked about how they dressed or wore their hair in their teens. On Tuesday, he said the measure was an unconstitutional attack on young blacks that would force parents to take off work to accompany their children to court just for making a fashion statement.

"This is a foolish bill, Mr. Speaker, because it will hurt so many," Spruill said before the measure was approved 60-34. It now goes to the state Senate.

The bill's sponsor, Del. Algie T. Howell, has said constituents were offended by the exposed underwear. He did not speak on the floor Tuesday.

Spruill and Howell, also a Democrat, are both black.

02-09-2005, 09:14 AM
This is expected to not pass the Senate, fyi...

02-09-2005, 09:15 AM
Looks like plumber bills in Virginia will be skyrocketing.

siberian khatru
02-09-2005, 09:20 AM
Solution: Don't wear underpants.

02-09-2005, 09:24 AM
can't legislate good taste or morality.....

but the legislaters keep trying.

We should all move to Va if that is the worst thing going on in the state...

02-09-2005, 02:09 PM

Pitt Gorilla
02-09-2005, 04:19 PM
Can you display underpants at a department store? Is that considered "lewd?" How about a swimsuit?