View Full Version : What a foolish way for a game to end!!

12-04-2000, 11:26 PM
Nuff said!!!!!!

KilGore is a noun, not a verb..

12-04-2000, 11:28 PM
SOOOO Typical - it's funny!

12-04-2000, 11:29 PM
The last pass of the game was obviously JRayes fault.

Thanks for blowing the game Jimmy!


Go Chiefs
12-04-2000, 11:33 PM
WTF was Gonzo doing in the middle anyway? Every F*CKING route should have been to the EZ or side line. F*CKING MORONS!!!<BR>

Clint in Wichita
12-04-2000, 11:35 PM
Just a poor decision. Too bad, it mars all the good things he did. But the bashers have a new weapon, and I can't really defend it. Just a bad mistake...

Iron Chef
12-04-2000, 11:40 PM
It was a horrible decision, plain and simple. And don't blame JR - Gonzo over the middle is a great decoy - he draws attention. JUST DON'T THROW HIM THE FRIGGIN BALL!!