View Full Version : Most Wins in the 90's?

12-04-2000, 11:50 PM
Reality check. Lose to the Niners, Chargers, and Patriots and you are now the bottom-feeders. The days of mediocrity are over. As a spoiled Chiefs fan of the 90's, I have looked down my nose at the Bengals, the Saints and the Browns. Now I must face facts. The facts are this team is bad and getting worse. Directionless is an understatement. One bad game may be a letdown, two a trend but 5 in a row? If anyone thinks Gunther will ever point this team in the right direction, I would love you hear why. What evidence suggest Gun should be retained even one more day? Carl should not wait for the end of the season. Send a message to the team that losing and quiting will not be accepted in Kansas City. Say what you will about Snyder, but is there any doubt that his ONLY goal is WINNING? Remember WINNING? Why wait? ****can this guy on the plane back.

12-05-2000, 08:06 AM
Coaching, lack of talent, and an idiot for QB are the main reasons why this team wont win. Peterson went cheap and got what he paid for with Cunningham. No running game, poor special teams, poor secondary, and an overpaid defensive line doesnt help either. Maybe the Chiefs ought to give Elvis Grbac a drug screen. QB keep to open the drive without any timeouts? Five yard pass when you needed 11 with six seconds left?? Elvis has put up some impressive numbers, but the ones that count are 5 wins and 8 loses. Grbac is a loser. Like I have said many times, the chiefs are closer to the bottom than they are to the top. The fans who were talking a few weeks ago about the Chiefs "running the table" are correct. Only the Chiefs are running in the opposite direction.