View Full Version : Worst Team in the League

12-05-2000, 08:01 AM
That's what KC has become. This is, by far, the worst KC team in the history of the franchise! At least in the 80s, the guys hustled & actually tried to win every game.

I found myself cheering for New England last night (3rd quarter-on). We're playing for draft position now! This loss should guarantee a coaching change(too bad Lamar is too senile to see Carl's arse needs to GO!) - let's hope we drop the rest of the games so that we'll be able to draft a solid RB or QB.

Lurker Brett
12-05-2000, 08:05 AM
Try as I might to envision losing the last three, I keep getting hung up on the Falcons, but if there is a way, I am sure this coaching staff will find it. Lose that is.

j molina
12-05-2000, 08:48 AM
My sentiments exactly. It's hard to root against the Chiefs, but it's actually good for the Chiefs future. We know there is nothing left this year.