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Dave Lane
02-28-2005, 08:39 PM

Is the link I'll paste it below but not sure how it will look. Derrick Johnson drops to 23! Past KC I'd frickking scream!!


DraftInsidersDigest.com mock draft
For more on the draft, visit http://www.draftinsiders.com; call 1-800-776-1949 to order your copy of the NFL Draft Insiders Digest.
Team Record Pick Pos. School
1. 49ers 2-14 Aaron Rodgers QB Cal
49ers need a new direction on offense and should start with the key position.
2. Dolphins 4-12 Cedric Benson RB Texas
Dolphins never recovered from losing Ricky Williams.
3. Browns 4-12 Alex Smith QB Utah
Browns are again looking like an expansion franchise.
4. Bears 5-11 Mike Williams WR USC
Bears want big-time playmaker after struggling again on offense.
5. Buccaneers 5-11 Carnell Williams RB Auburn
Jon Gruden loves this running back for his diversified offense.
6. Titans 5-11 Braylon Edwards WR Michigan
Titans would love to add a big-time playmaker after overhauling their roster.
7. Vikings 8-8 Antrel Rolle CB Miami
After acquiring this pick from the Raiders in the Randy Moss trade, Vikes might also look for a receiver.
8. Cardinals 6-10 Ronnie Brown RB Auburn
Cards want a young power tailback after Emmitt Smith's retirement this offseason.
9. Redskins 6-10 Erasmus James DE Wisconsin
Redskins must address their front four early.
10. Lions 6-10 David Pollack DE Georgia
Lions' front four needs a big-time edge pass rusher.
11. Cowboys 6-10 Travis Johnson DT Florida St.
'Boys' defense is looking for an inside force.
12. Chargers 12-4 Alex Barron T Florida St.
With this pick from the Giants, Chargers seek help for their offensive line.
13. Texans 7-9 Heath Miller TE Virginia
Texans looking for a playmaker to stretch the field in the middle.
14. Panthers 7-9 Adam Jones CB West Virginia
Panthers secondary got toasted often last season.
15. Chiefs 7-9 Marlin Jackson CB Michigan
Chiefs defense needs shutdown corner on the outside.
16. Saints 8-8 Thomas Davis S Georgia
Saints defense needs tough playmaker and run support defender.
17. Bengals 8-8 Marcus Spears DE LSU
Bengals will look to address their front four.
18. Vikings 8-8 Justin Miller CB Clemson
Vikings secondary gets toasted weekly every week on schedule.
19. Rams 8-8 Carlos Rogers LB Auburn
Rams would love to land this tough cornerback.
20. Cowboys 6-10 Channing Crowder LB Florida
Parcells loves those linebackers. With this pick from the Bills, he'll get one.
21. Jaguars 9-7 Dan Cody DE Oklahoma
Jaguars are looking for a young playmaker on the outside.
22. Ravens 9-7 Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma
Ravens need a playmaker at receiver for their young offense.
23. Seahawks 9-7 Derrick Johnson LB Texas
Seahawks must improve on defense to rank among the top clubs.
24. Packers 10-6 Kevin Burnett LB Tennessee
Packers are looking for more speed on defense.
25. Broncos 10-6 Matt Roth DE Iowa
Rugged defender gives Broncos much needed upfront pass pressure.
26. Jets 10-6 Jammal Brown T Oklahoma
Jets offensive line is an area looking to add a young tackle if free-agent losses occur.
27. Falcons 11-5 Corey Webster CB LSU
Falcons defense may address the secondary again this spring.
28. Chargers 12-4 Troy Williamson WR South Carolina
Chargers are looking for a fast playmaker at wide receiver.
29. Colts 12-4 Eric Green CB Virginia Tech
Quick cover man would be fine compliment in Colts secondary.
30. Steelers 15-1 Shaun Cody DT USC
Steelers defense must get more pass pressure from their front three.
31. Eagles 13-3 Darryl Blackstock LB Virginia
Eagles defense is building a young dominant group.
32. Patriots 14-2 DeMarcus Ware LB Troy State
Patriots will have seven veteran linebackers over 30 by next season.

02-28-2005, 08:50 PM

Strengths: A playmaker in every sense of the word...Powerful tackler...Makes play sideline-to-sideline...Excellent instincts...More than holds his own in coverage and has fluid hips...Highly productive...Explosive athlete...Very good when blitzing and pursues well...Always around the action...Has a knack for making the big play.
Weaknesses: Could stand to add some weight and bulk up...Struggles to take on blocks...Will ignore his assignment at times in an effort to make a play...Will miss some tackles.
Notes: May have been the first linebacker selected had he come out after his junior season...Has a brother (Dwight) who played in the NFL and is the cousin of Kevin (Ex-Florida St.) and Ben Emanuel (UCLA)...One of the best linebacker prospects to come along in years.

Dave Lane
02-28-2005, 08:59 PM
Still 23?


02-28-2005, 09:25 PM
Most stupid mock?

Hardly, I could do much worse.

02-28-2005, 09:26 PM
Yeah right..like anyone can even know that.

03-01-2005, 03:32 AM
Im all about the LBers