View Full Version : Trotter, Bell and Hartwell in high demand

03-03-2005, 11:51 PM
Round and round they go, where the linebackers end up nobody knows.

As linemen fly off the market at a furious rate the linebacker position could be the next position to hit mind-boggling numbers. After the Houston Texans signed Marlon Greenwood to a deal that includes a whopping $7 million to sign, a trio of backers are seeking gold and the market may hit an interesting level.
Thursday, the Chiefs entertained Jeremiah Trotter, who passed his physical, and even brought in Kendrell Bell. They previously had Ed Hartwell in for a visit but his contract demands seem quite high according to several teams $10 million to sign and $6 million average.

The Eagles have an offer on the table for Trotter, whom they seriously wanted back. However, with the fear that the Chiefs have the inside track for the Pro Bowler's services the Eagles have scheduled to bring Bell into Philly on Friday evening.

Antonio Pierce has already signed with the Giants and received $6.5 million to sign. So these three backers are considered the best of the bunch still on the market. Several teams became nervous of Bell when rumors persisted at the scouting combine that he was getting $13 million to sign with the Giants a rumor that obviously turned out to be nothing short of bogus.

Round and round it goes, if they all price themselves out nobody knows.