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03-04-2005, 07:03 AM
When is Carl gonna learn that we're tired of his shills making excuses?

Dream on
NFL's free-agent frenzy about more hype than hope

This was, once, the season of hope. With March's arrival, the NFL's presumed free-agent elite were let loose on a dreary sporting landscape in desperate need of a big deal. And nothing -- with apologies to pitchers and catchers everywhere -- quite did the job like NFL free agency.

Let's face it: The modern NFL season started every March, with the sudden availability of a possible savior or two, supposed impact players who either had satisfied their contractual obligations or been cut by their cap-addled teams. Be they Reggie White (the best free-agent signing ever) or Scott Mitchell (the worst, courtesy of the Lions), these players inspired your teams to line up like smitten tweeners outside TRL's studios, hungry for the chance to take enormous (and usually ill-advised) gambles on big names, other teams' and their own. Your teams romanced them, wined, dined and private-jetted them, throwing crazy money at them as visions of Lombardi Trophies danced in their heads.

Sure, in all but a few cases, your teams were overpaying for players who couldn't possibly fulfill their attendant hype and bloated price tags. And yes, your teams were likely detonating their caps for years to come for the false promise of immediate results -- as if one player, in this Patriots age, could be the difference-maker, the missing piece to a championship puzzle. It didn't matter that individual players simply don't equal titles; hell, in the one league more competitively balanced than any other (and it ain't even close), one guy's brilliance doesn't even bring the second wild card.

From the perspective of the haplessly lovelorn, this annual emotional splurge -- despite a salary cap designed to protect goosefleshed owners from themselves -- was nothing more than ugly cheating. Not on the rules, of course. No, they were cheating on you, whose ticket prices doubled and parking prices tripled. You, who knew lavishing cap-strapping millions on, say, cornerback Larry Brown or defensive tackle Warren Sapp (sorry, Raider Nation) was a fool's errand. You, who knew the euphoria-producing headlines would be inevitably rued.

Which is why, in a year with perhaps the most pedestrian free-agent class ever, most of you should be rejoicing right about now. For starters, the lack of truly big names means most teams finally have figured out what the Patriots and Eagles (to name two) did years ago: economic prudence trumps all, that inking your best players early and wisely almost always beats inking someone else's high-priced flotsam. If you think about it, a league full of healthy, smart teams should reduce free agency to its logical irrelevance -- a glorified day-after-Christmas sale, when you're flush with plenty and thus able to separate real bargains from really bad scams.

So if your boys passed on the opportunity to pay wideout Plaxico Burress waaaay too much jing to underperform for you as he has for Pittsburgh for the past five years, smile. If your team declined the chance to make jettisoned cornerbacks Samari Rolle or the injured, 31-year-old Ty Law (three-time Super Bowl champ or not) the overpaid saviors they'll never be, exalt. And if you're not a fan of the Redskins -- who signed underwhelming left tackle Chris Samuels to a seven-year, $47 million deal (with a team-record $15.75 million bonus) -- hug the one you're with. Because it means your team is rational and financially sound and (best of all) honest enough to realize that headlines don't win games, solid 53-man rosters do.

Excuses...excuses (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2005/writers/josh_elliott/03/03/nfl.market/index.html)

03-04-2005, 10:04 AM
This article is dead on. The Chiefs should just resign their own players and them to tackle, turn their heads, and take better angles.

03-04-2005, 10:07 AM
Well, then, here's to a solid 53 man roster!! I don't care how you build it, just get it done.

The Bad Guy
03-04-2005, 10:08 AM
Hey Ron,

Go F yourself.


03-04-2005, 10:10 AM
Hey Ron,

Go F yourself.




03-04-2005, 10:11 AM
Well, then, here's to a solid 53 man roster!! I don't care how you build it, just get it done.

I agree. Once we have a solid 53 man roster, I don't think we should sign any more free agents.

siberian khatru
03-04-2005, 10:16 AM
Hey Ron,

Go F yourself.


"God is dead." -- Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead." -- God

03-04-2005, 11:38 AM
The defense has spoken...

and just like you can count on the rooster crowing...nmt brings us another example of how the Carl and the gang are doing a bang up job by not burdening us with those overpriced, overhyped free agents.

So he goes to sportsline and finds an example of building through the draft and cheap free agents to create a superbowl team. Of course the NE Pats are that team and they do have folks named Bill and Scott evaluating draft talent, etc.

It's time for the prosecution...

and in the real world...where the rooster is stewing in a big pot of chicken and dumplins' and people named Lynn, Dick and Carl are evaluating draft talent and 2nd tier free agents....

(Feb. 3, 2003) -- I've been watching game tapes for the past week, talking to personnel, coaches and agents around the league. And with the season over, all interests have turned to the potential unrestricted free agents. The free-agency signing period starts on Feb. 28 and no one is sitting back and not preparing for this crucial time period.... As I pointed out last week, free agency played a big part in the success of both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders in this year's Super Bowl. And the 2003 season starts right now with good personnel decisions.


We can't draft
We can't evaluate 2nd tier talent
and now the apologists tell me we can't sign high priced proven talent, either.
So you tell me, nmt, how the hell are we supposed to build that 53 man roster!!!!

I wonder what Kansas city did in that previous life to deserve the fine front offices of Glass & co for the Royals and CP for the Chiefs.

03-04-2005, 12:09 PM
So you tell me, nmt, how the hell are we supposed to build that 53 man roster!!!!

Finally, someone asked me my opinion instead of just assuming that I'm in complete agreement with whatever the Chiefs do...oh wait, you did assume that. Anyway...
First off, this is solely my opinion. It is an uninformed opinion. I have no idea what it takes to run or build a football team. I don't pretend that if teams did what I think they should that they would be successful. I am also not under the delusion that I "could do no worse" than Carl Peterson or any other NFL GM for that matter.
Here goes:
I would most likely follow the Patriots model as close as possible. Establish a system and find players who will fit. Those players would come mostly but not totally through the draft. Evaluate free agents by two factors, cost and compatibility, with an emphasis on cost. I wouldn't be afraid to trade for players I thought would fit. In trading, I would concentrate on younger players who don't cost a fortune but who look like they are ascending in their careers. The whole key would be scouting and evaluation to determine who will work in my offensive and defensive systems.
Unfortunately, the Chiefs are not in this situation. IMO, they must address their shortcomings via free agency and must be willing to pay for it. They've put themselves in that situation by not drafting well and signing players who haven't really worked out. The number of draft picks that have not worked out is quite disappointing and points to a shortcoming in their scouting department. They could definitly do better.
BTW, it looks like you missed the original intent of my post. Many here are quick to make accusations when a view is put forth that they don't agree with. With this article, I was merely pointing out that Rufus Dawes and Bob Gretz aren't the only writers who believe the way they do.