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03-05-2005, 02:25 AM
Trotter opts to stay in Philly

Blaylock signs with Jets

By Rick Dean
The Capital-Journal
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Dick Vermeil wasn't especially surprised when linebacker Jeremiah Trotter re-signed Friday with the Philadelphia Eagles.

He seemed more surprised that Trotter, a three-time Pro Bowl linebacker with the NFC champion Eagles, was even considering a move in free agency, such as joining Vermeil's Kansas City Chiefs.

"I asked him, 'Why would you want to leave Philadelphia, a team in four NFC championship games?' " Vermeil said. "And he said, 'Coach, I really don't, but so far they really haven't showed me they want me back.' "

But after spending 24 hours in Kansas City with Vermeil and his staff, Trotter had a Thursday night conversation with Eagles coach Andy Reid that changed his perspective.

Deciding to stay with an established winner rather than attempting to re-establish the sorry Chiefs defense, Trotter -- who played for the NFL minimum salary at Philadelphia last season -- signed a five-year contract with a reported $4 million signing bonus that may not have been as lucrative as the Chiefs offered.

October 2004 File Photograph/The Capital-Journal
Former Chiefs running back Derrick Blaylock, who ran for 539 yards and eight TDs last year, signed with the New York Jets for $11 million over five years.
Click here to check for reprint availability.Running back Derrick Blaylock made his departure from Kansas City official Friday as the Jets announced he had signed a five-year, $11 million contract.
After watching Trotter, cornerback Samari Rolle and linebacker Ed Hartwell leave town Thursday without signing contracts, the Chiefs said a hopeful "see you later" Friday to Pittsburgh linebacker Kendrell Bell and Tampa Bay safety Dwight Smith.

But Vermeil also hinted that the Chiefs might be close to something with Rolle -- a player generally rated the best available corner in free agency.

"Our offer is very, very competitive," he said. "We've got things going on as we speak."

Hartwell, Vermeil said, "is still in play," despite making a visit to the Arizona Cardinals on Friday.

"We'd like to get something done, but there are other people with the same intentions," Vermeil said. "It still comes down to dollars. If it's even, we'd like to believe that guys who visited here enjoyed it enough that they'd like to be here. But sometimes it just doesn't work.

"Another team may have more money to spend on one specific position they need to fill. We're trying to land three football players, not one. Sometimes when you try to divide the pot up, you lose someone because of it."

Smith, who returned two interceptions for touchdowns in Tampa Bay's Super Bowl win over Oakland, wore a red Derrick Thomas jersey and a Chiefs Joe Montana jersey during his 24-hour overnight stay in Kansas City. He plans to visit New Orleans today and make a decision on Sunday.

Bell, once one of the most promising young linebackers in the NFL, has been slowed by injuries that limited him to four games last season. He declined to say if or where he had future visits.

Though he goes into the weekend without any new upgrades for his defense, Vermeil remained confident the Chiefs can land a cornerback and a run-stopping linebacker in free agency -- especially after recruiting three linebackers simultaneously.

"We were just being honest with them," Vermeil said. "When you're trying to get a player, you don't go after just one -- you go after three and hope to get one. We aren't trying to kid anyone. We told them the truth. And sometimes the truth scares people away."


IIRC, most of this was from the Leabo 810 interview.

03-05-2005, 02:30 AM
I guess I'll never understand why 2 million differnce in a contrat would be more imporatnt than a shot at -- at least one superbowl--

03-05-2005, 02:43 AM
I guess I'll never understand why 2 million differnce in a contrat would be more imporatnt than a shot at -- at least one superbowl--

I agree. :thumb:

IMO, they have a year or two window here to get this defense fixed and try to make a serious effort at making a strong run in the playoffs and hopefully a superbowl. With all of their complaints of staying competitive with teams like the Redskins and Dallas, etc, making millions in revenues with their new stadiums and such, a strong run if not a championship would solve all of this. That's how the pats and dungver got their stadiums. They could actually drop the renovation ideas and go for the long hall.

They have to realize this is the case so hopefully they can get these deals done.