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Fat Homer
12-07-2000, 11:01 AM
copy.....Carl Peterson, Gunther Cunningham, One Arrowhead Drive, Kansas City, Missouri, 64129

Dear Gunther and Carl,

As fans, we sit at home or go to the stadium on Sunday cheering our Chiefs. But we are starting to get restless.

The running back situation has to be resolved. Can’t you guys figure out that you need to pick a starting halfback and fullback and let the guy play the whole game. Not just one or two plays. The whole game and the whole season, barring injury. Running back by committee has to be abolished. No back can do anything for the team when he only gets one play per series. They have to be allowed to get into the flow of the game. So what if the first carry is for 1 yard, the next might be for 5 or 50. But we’ll never know because as soon as the guy gets one carry he’s yanked out of the game.

We see it and we are just fans. You, the coaches and general manager should be even more in tune to this situation. You guys are suppose to be the football experts. Well, from the fans perspective, it looks like you guys are having trouble passing your GED.

Is it so difficult to figure out? If Cloud, Anders and Richardson would have been given the starting nod from day one and played consistently, we’d be looking at a division title instead of a losing season.

Please, get it together. I’m tired of saying, “Well, there’s always next year”.

Thank you for listening.

Fat Homer
12-07-2000, 11:11 AM
Signed, Sealed and put in the mail...I hope that their secretary at least gives it to them....


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