View Full Version : Grbac & KC's Coaching Staff - My Take......

12-07-2000, 05:28 PM
I honestly believe that the KC coaching staff is partly responsible for not mentoring Grbac to handle "pressure" situations. Shoot, I'd probably be a SPAZ also if the game was on the line and I had to turn to Raye and Gun MaGoo for guidence! IMHO, I've gone on record many times as saying this staff has hindered Grbac's development. He should be better prepared to handle the pressure. They took the leash of him this year out of despiration because the Chiefs could not run the football, and he put up big passing numbers. The fact is you can't coach an "arm" so to speak - you can coach "situations" and this is where the Chiefs LAME A$$ staff has FAILED. No doubt Grbac has the physical tools - he's lacking the "smarts" upstairs which I attribute to a lack of coaching. It is the very reason why his best season as a pro is virtually meaningless. With his stats, he should have made more of an impact not only on the Chiefs, but on the whole league. Also, even IF the Chiefs get a legit RB - little would change if the same LAME A$$ coaching staff is retained.
It's ironic that IF Gun manages to keep his job, Grbac will have played a large part in that decision. However, Grbac will keep his job and has earned his starting QB status despite Gun and his staff - it's simply the worst in the league. Just my opinion.....<BR>