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03-08-2005, 12:57 PM
Now, I know what some of you will say. No, I don't expect that sending a letter to the Chiefs will make a difference, nor do I expect a response back from them. However, it did make me feel better writing this. :)


Unlike the Chiefs organization, Iím not going to screw around. Iíll get right to the point. Iím done supporting the Chiefs until they can field a SuperBowl caliber team.

For this to happen, Carl Peterson/Lamar Hunt/Denny Thumb/Dick Vermeil all need to pull their heads out of their @**e* and make the decision to field such a team. The Chiefs have had a SuperBowl caliber offense for what, 3 years now? However, itís obvious someone in the organization doesnít feel like they need a defense. From the moment Dick became the head coach, the majority of the focus has been on the offense. I love offense as much as anyone, but not with so much focus when you have a BOTTOM RANKED DEFENSE. The Chiefs have proven that, even with a great offense, you arenít going anywhere if your defense is putrid.

How have the Chiefs tried to improve that putrid defense? In the draft, they have drafted Ďall-starsí such as Ryan Sims (6th, 2002), Eddie Freeman (43rd, 2002), Scott Fujita (143rd, 2002), Maurice Rodriguez (221st, 2002), Kawika Mitchell (47th, 2003), Julian Battle (92nd, 2003), Jimmy Wilkerson (189th, 2003), Montique Sharpe (230th, 2003), Willie Pile (252nd, 2003), Junior Siavii (36th, 2004), Keyaron Fox (93rd, 2004), and Jared Allen (126th, 2004). Who from that list is, or has the potential, to be a big-time player? Ryan Sims has been a bust, and was not nor will he ever be worthy as the 6th pick in ANY draft. Fuji had one decent year under Robinson, but took a step backwards last year. Jared Allen had a good rookie year in 2004, and can hopefully build on it. Willie Pile has looked decent, in his limited opportunities, and he or Harts should be starting in the place of Woods. The rest have had little to no impact, or are no longer on the roster. What about free agency? Eric Warfield was retained in 2002 with a seven year contract that far exceeds his abilities and worth. Name any other NFL team that Warfield would be a starter on? There isnít one, and he is the Chiefs #1 cornerback! Prior to the 2004 season, Woods and Wesley were also given contracts that they did not deserve. In 2003 the Chiefs signed some 2nd/3rd tier free agents (Vonnie Holiday, Dexter McCleon, Shawn Barber, and yes, they ARE 2nd/3rd tier players) in free agency. Last year they signed Lionel Dalton, who actually turned out to be a decent pickup. All in all, name one starter on the Chiefs defense who is a big time player, a stud, a game changer. There isnít a single one.

When the Chiefs have a chance to get one or two top tier players in free agency, what do they do? Beat around the bush, complain about their price, and then provide that final insult when talks break down. Based on all accounts that Iíve heard, I donít blame Samari Rolle for signing with the Ravens. The Chiefs strung Rolle out for almost a week before it fell apart. Of course that brings up a good point. Did the Chiefs front office really want to sign Rolle (I'm sure they did, at the 'right price'), or was Rolle used as a decoy to deceive fans? A case of ĎLook! Weíre really working hard to get some top defensive talent in here!Ē. But the Chiefs front office wouldnít do that, would they; or would they? What would be their reason, if that was so? Of course, season tickets were due on Friday, March 4th! How convenient! Then there is Ed Hartwell, Kendrell Bell, Dwight Smith, on so on. Letís not give them an offer in accordance to their market value, but we can keep our own average to below average talent by overpaying for them! Brilliant!

For the record, I really didnít want Rolle as a Chief. However, how everything went down between the Chiefs and Rolle is disturbing. If Rolle was used to get fans to purchase season tickets, that is absolutely pathetic. If the reports are true that the Chiefs leaked the story about Rolleís narrowed spine after talks broke down, thatís even worse, and if true, anyone involved that is employed by the Chiefs should be fired IMMEDIATELY. This condition hasnít seemed to be an issue with Rolle in the past, and the Ravens didnít appear to be concerned by it.

I will admit, one thing the Chiefs are good at is making excuses. Weíve already seen a wonderful excuse regarding our Ďpassingí on Rolle, due to stenosis. Iím sure the fans will get to see several more excuses before free agency is over. Then there are all of the excuses Dick provides during the season on why the Chiefs didnít win. My favorite has to be the Ďstrength of scheduleí excuse. Who gives a sh*& how hard the schedule is! Teams win SuperBowls by beating the best teams in the NFL, which makes that team the best. Not by making excuses on how hard their schedule is. Also, who can forget Dickís apparent vendetta against Larry Johnson. You know, the fans typically only get to see what is going on with the team based on what the media reports, so we donít know what may have happened between Vermeil and Johnson in the locker room or on the practice field. What we were able to see was Dick pouting about LJ, who Dick never wanted to draft, by taking it out on LJ. The kid just wanted to play football.

Loyalty is a great trait for a person to have, and in all truth, there probably isnít enough in the NFL anymore. However, that doesnít mean the Chiefs should try to be so loyal as to make up for that shortcoming. There is such a thing as being loyal to a fault. Greg Robinson was with the Chiefs for about 2 years too many. Why has Gunther not had the chance to pick his own assistants? Imagine how hard it is for Gunther to teach his assistants his scheme, and then them trying to teach the players something they are trying to learn. Piss poor coaching combined with a lack of talent. How good is that going to work? Peter Guinta shouldn't be employed by any NFL team, unless it's as a water boy. Why are some of the players still on the roster (Hicks, Woods, Bartee)? In Barteeís defense, as well as some other players, why was he ever put at cornerback? Heís a frigginí safety!! He never should have been put at cornerback!! What is the deal with the Chiefs trying out safeties at corner? Thatís asinine!! Name one cornerback on the Chiefs roster that is a true #1 or #2 cornerback? Tick Ö Tick Ö Tick.

This is it. This is the last year for the Chiefs to make a push for a SuperBowl before, at best, beginning a rebuilding period. Does the Chiefs front office have the balls to get the defensive players needed to make that push this year? Based on past experience, no. (By the way, the Chiefs want taxpayers to renovate or build a new stadium. Think about it for a minute. Would the fans be more willing to do so when the Chiefs are putting an inferior product on the field, or when they field a SuperBowl caliber team? Think about that and get back to me.) One thing Chiefs fans do have to look forward to is the end of Carl Petersonís and Dick Vermeilís contracts at the close of this season, in hopes that neither will be retained. Iím sure the Chiefs will find a way to screw that up too, by resigning one or both. If the Chiefs want to continue down this path of mediocrity and treating their fan base like sh*&, I would prefer that Lamar move them somewhere else, say like LA, and they could be called the Los Angeles Losers. Then the NFL could provide KC with an expansion team ala. the Browns, or move another team to KC.

When all is said and done, the Chiefs are still my team, but Iím done supporting them until they can field a true NFL, SuperBowl caliber team instead of management solely concerning themselves with profits. I will not use my hard earned money on tickets, parking, apparel, or any other Chiefs merchandise in the mean time. Right now, I have NO confidence that the current management team can handle the task of fielding such a team. Until they can, bye.

PS: Iím sure this letter will never reach the Chiefsí powers that be (Lamar Hunt , Carl Peterson, Dick Vermeil), which is sad, nor will I even receive a response back. It will only be further indication of how out of touch the Chiefs are with their fan base. But if you want to know what I would do this off-season to improve the team, Iím available, or visit ChiefsPlanet.com for a wealth of advice.

03-08-2005, 12:59 PM
Wow, you wasted alot of time there...

Straight, No Chaser
03-08-2005, 01:01 PM
What do you think this place is..?

I bet if you actually mailed the letter to One Arrowhead Drive, KC, MO. you'd feel OK too. No one is going to take the time to read that :shake:


03-08-2005, 01:13 PM
Name any other NFL team that Warfield would be a starter on?

Green Bay, New York Jets, Buffalo, New England, Cincinatti, Cleveland, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Dallas

The truth is that Wafield is a solid #2 CB and would start on many teams. Unfortunately, he's been our #1.

03-08-2005, 01:19 PM
I would wait until all the good FA possibilties have passed them....then I would let them have it, its still a little premature. If we sign Hartwell this week then the tune will start to change.

03-08-2005, 01:21 PM
Ahh yes, futility is a wonderful thing. Some of you guys take yourselves waaaaay too seriously. :shake: