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ďKendrell Bell brings a great deal of explosiveness to our defense. He was one of those players you had to account for on every snap offensively when we faced him in Tennessee twice a year. He ran a 4.57 (40-yard dash) coming out of college. When you turn on the film, his ability to cover ground and blow up plays is apparent. He is an experienced and explosive player who could work at any of our three linebacker positions. But no matter where you line him up, heís a threat to blitz and create havoc which is exactly what weíre looking for in our defensive players.Ē

- Gunther Cunningham
Chiefs Defensive Coordinator


Q: How healthy are you?

BELL: ďIím good. Iím doing great.Ē

Q: Could you go out and play today if you needed to?

BELL: ďI can play today. If you want to play some throwback football, Iíll play right now.Ē

Q: What happened in negotiations with the N.Y. Giants?

BELL: ďWith the Giants we thought we had a deal, but we couldnít work it out. I donít know what youíve heard, but thatís the process of negotiations. You try to meet even and we didnít.Ē

Q: What was the difference with the Chiefs?

BELL: ďThe difference with the Chiefs was that we worked out a deal. We didnít initially have a deal, but we worked out one that me, my agent and the Chiefs organization felt was convenient for the both of us. Thatís why Iím a Chief now.Ē

Q: Will you be the middle linebacker in the Cheifs defensive scheme?

BELL: ďWe havenít worked that out yet, but I spoke with Coach (Gunther) Cunningham and he said he doesnít know exactly where he wants to play me as far as playing the SAM, the MIKE or the WILL. But Iím pretty sure that when I get there and we go through the defense and everything, weíre going to work out whatís best for the defense and what position I would max out my potential at.Ē

Q: Where would you want to play most?

BELL: ďIn the four-three I feel that you could play any one. Iíve been playing the MIKE (middle) linebacker for awhile, so thatís something Iím familiar with. But I donít think Iíll have too much problem adjusting to the outside if thatís where Coach wants me to be.Ē

Q: Can you talk about the signing process with the Chiefs?

BELL: ďThe process with the Chiefs is that I came in and had a good feeling. For me it was a good process. I met with the coaches and Mr. Peterson, Coach Cunningham. The way we conversed and talked about the things went well. I kind of roots with the Chiefs because my godfather, Jim Marsalis, played for them and I had the opportunity to come to one of the Chiefs practices. So I had a lot of things pushing me towards wanting to become a Chief. There is definitely a great offense and I know the defense is up and coming and I definitely want to be a part of that. Thereís no question in my mind that the Chiefs are Super Bowl contenders.Ē

Q: Jim Marsalis doesnít have any ability to come back and play does he?

BELL: ďI donít know. If you ask him he might say he can. He could probably run up and down the field, but I donít know about cutting too much right about now.Ē

Q: Whatís he told you about Kansas City?

BELL: ďHe told me that it was an honest organization and that it was the right fit for me. I had a chance to go around the city and everything. Itís not that big of a transition for me and I think thatís good for a player like me. He told me itís a great city and the fans are dynamic and itís almost like a college atmosphere. I enjoyed myself when I was in college so that was something else to push me toward playing for the Chiefs.Ē

Q: Are you prepared for the pressures of joining a defense that will look to you as a leader?

BELL: ďIím not saying Iím coming in here to be a savior, Iím coming in to be a part of something special. I feel like the Chiefs are just a couple of players away from being where they want to be. Thatís how the season goes, with a lot of outside people looking in donít understand what goes into having a good year. (The Chiefs) went to the playoffs the year before to a year like last year. The same thing happened to us when I was with the Steelers, we drafted one player who came out and seemed to be the missing piece of the puzzle, but in the end he wasnít. Thatís just how it is. You try to fit guys in and bring guys in to get to the championship. Thatís why they got me in, to try to get to the championship and hopefully that will work out.

Q: How will you make the Chiefs defense better?

BELL: ďIím just going to bring my game. Iím not going to try to change up anything with the type of player I am. Iím a very aggressive player and whatever is missing, hopefully Iíll bring it with me. But I know that Iím just coming out there to play my game.Ē

Q: What were the Chiefs telling you about their free agent signing process?

BELL: ďI knew (Jeremiah) Trotter had been in and Hartwell and Samari Rolle. Dwight Smith came in with me and they told everybody that was coming through. That is what they want Ė they want a couple of good, impact players. If they canít get three, get two and if they canít get two, then get one and draft the other guys. Hopefully the situation with that process will work out.Ē

Q: Do you think youíll be ďthe one?Ē

BELL: ďLook, I canít sit here and tell you that Iíll be the one and everything. If I was psychic then maybe I would have to call (psychic) Miss Cleo and put her back to work. I feel like Iíve been brought to the Chiefs for a reason and I fell good. I fell that Iíll be at home with them and when I fell that way I play better.Ē

Q: How much did you talk to Priest Holmes about coming here?

BELL: ďI came down to his event with the kids and we talked briefly. He was telling me about how itís a wonderful organization and how honest they are. Honestly is the best policy when youíre dealing with people. This is a people game and a lot of teams fail to realize that. But the Chiefs recognize that and feeling that Iím comfortable somewhere is how I play my best.Ē

Q: Do you have to prove something after the injuries over the past few seasons?

BELL: ďI played well in the past, but unfortunately I made decisions that led me to injure myself. A lot of those decisions came out of frustration and trying to get better. I can honestly say that my injuries came from trying to get better. I wasnít focused. I honestly believe that Iíll be a lot more focused with the Chiefs than in the past.Ē

Q: Can you expound on the decisions that led to injury?

BELL: ďWith my ankle, the owner told me you donít need to be out there. Iím trying to be a team player and go out there and re-injure it and miss four games. It ended up hurting us in the end when I could have contributed. With the groin injury I did that in the weight room squatting. I worked out during the off-season and when I got back to where I felt like I wanted to squat and I got back in the weight room, I just squatted too much weight. That was pretty much the groin thing.Ē

Q: Why will you be more focused with the Chiefs?

BELL: ďThat comes from feeling comfortable with the coaches. Iím not saying I didnít feel like that in the past, but itís just maturing as a person. The Chiefs definitely have a more mature staff and Iím looking forward to growing from them. That in itself will help me focus. These guys signed me and Iím not a big guy in disappointing people. I want to live up to peopleís expectations and thatís what Iím driving to do?

Q: Did Vermeil coming in the last year of his contract have any effect on your decision? BELL: ďNo. Iíve met with Coach Vermeil and he seems to be a fantastic person. Thatís his decision. Decisions are made every day and they may change your life or they may not. I feel like the staff behind him are very equipped to continue on his success.Ē

Q: Youíre from Augusta, Georgia, so who do you like in the Masters?

BELL: ďI havenít been there, but Iím going for Vijay Singh.Ē

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