View Full Version : Chiefs find unlikely Shutdown Corner Prospect: Impresses Scouts in Workout

03-08-2005, 08:23 PM
By Rufus Dawes.

It might just be time to turn down the fire on the tar pot, stop plucking the chickens and to lay down those pitchforks.

Sure a couple of dazzling overhyped cubic zirconium free agents have signed elsewhere, but the Chiefs and their underrated and unappreciated exemplar of Pigskin Genius have found their diamond in the rough, and this priceless jewel plays cornerback.

The variety of Cornerback that is known in the current parlance as Shutdown, not STFD and STFU, but Shutdown, as in, all the way down.

The name of this gem might be familiar to some Chiefs fans, the ones with enough perspective to have more than two channels on the clicker, you know the ones, with the NFL network and whatever low grade porn channel they can still afford after season tickets and parking and buying a computer so that they can post endless lies on Chiefs Planet.

And the name is also most appropo because it is the homophone of the letters on the helmet. Casey. As in Casey Martin. Yeah the PGA golfer who doesn't mind limpin' up the steps and kickin' that blind b*tch of justice's azz in the Supreme Court of the United States once in while.

That victory is gonna be stare decisis and get him to the NFL, and in a Chiefs uniform, pay no attention to the Broncos workout attire, King Carl was not Dick Cheney's second choice for John Negroponte's job for nothin'.

Skeptics and naysayers could just link to the latest workout below and then wait until I am on vacation so that you can have a clear shot at giving the Chiefs President of Parking and Football Operations the kiss that he deserves, and on the place that he deserves it.