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03-08-2005, 10:33 PM
I know we don't need yet ANOTHER SAFTEY ... but I think Sharper is a hellofallot better than anyone we have playing saftey and Greenbay may release him for cap reasons in the next few days .... :hmmm:

Yea Yea I know ESPN reports some bogus sh!t once in a while but they get some chit right once in a while too.


It isn't a particularly strong free agent crop for safeties but the pool is about to get a little bit deeper. ESPN.com has confirmed the Green Bay Packers will release safety Darren Sharper in the next few days, rather than pay him a roster bonus of $2.6 million that is due on March 12. The eight-year veteran is coming off a season in which he played much of the year with a partially torn posterior cruciate ligament and, clearly, his performance suffered a bit. But Sharper, at age 29, is still a viable starter in the league and the former Pro Bowl performer will bring experience and well-documented playmaker skills to some team. One official from an AFC team told ESPN.com that he felt Sharper could provide "the right team," the kind of boost safety Rodney Harrison brought to New England when the Pats signed him as a free agent two years ago. "He isn't as big a hitter (as Harrison) but he's got much better range," said the club official. The Packers still need to carve out some cap room and Sharper's charge of $8.63 million for 2005 is too steep for Green Bay to carry. Sharper has rebuffed attempts by the Packers to reduce his deal.

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Great reason for having a search function...

Now if it only Flipp'n worked

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True dat.